Sunday, October 31, 2010

Stay Connected When Traveling With A Calling Card

If you are planning on traveling overseas in the near future, whether for business or pleasure, you will no doubt want to keep in contact with loved ones or business contacts in other countries. If you are traveling for pleasure then you might want to share all your new experiences with friends and family at home, or just let them know that you are doing ok. International calls are extremely important when it comes to business. You may find yourself traveling to meet new clients and need to touch base with the office but don’t want to pay the extortionate international call rates.

Using your cell phone from another country can get very expensive, very quickly so how do you avoid getting hit by huge bills once you’re back in the country? International calling cards are the answer. You can use your calling card pretty much wherever you are; use it with landline phones, phone booths and even your own mobile phone. Not only are calling cards convenient and easy to use, they are still the cheapest way to make international calls by a long stretch.

Phone cards are easy to pick up with most airports and convenience stores stocking them, so you can pick them up just before you go to jet off. The phone card set up may seem like an old system but it continues to work well so why change it? The phone card works like a credit card and is available in various amounts so you can keep an eye on your spending. You pre-pay for the card and the amount of money you spend correlates with the amount minutes you are given.

When you purchase your phone card you will be given a PIN number which you dial before dialing the phone number of the person you want to call. The card will connect via an access number which is either toll-free or local access. Once you have used up all the minutes on the card you can just dispose of it and buy a new one. Some cards are even refillable and you can top them up over the phone.

Calling cards are great for those traveling abroad. They make it easy to stay in touch with friends and family whilst still moving around. The other option is to apply for a long distance plan or service but this can sometime tie you up to a contract and aren’t as convenient as the simple phone card. You can take the card with you wherever you travel and use it through your cell phone or any landline phone.

When choosing the best calling card for your travel make sure you take into consideration all the various options that are available on the market. Look out for cards with added convenience features and don’t get caught out by any additional carrier fees. Also make sure that customer services will be available for you wherever you are in the world should anything go wrong with your phone card.

For more information on keeping the cost of international calling down whilst traveling, visit the Smart Global Call website.

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