Thursday, October 14, 2010

Prepaid Phone Cards for Mobile Phones

Mobile phone service providers charge extremely high rates for international long distance calls so many mobile phone users rely on prepaid phone cards for saving money on overseas calls. Other mobile phone users save money by using prepaid cell phones where they only pay for the minutes used each month. Some online merchants sell prepaid cell phone recharge cards at a discount so users can save even more money. In either case, prepaid phone cards are becoming more popular with mobile phone users.

Mobile phone service providers typically charge $1 or more per minute for international calls while the same call can be made for a few cents per minute with a prepaid phone card. A very popular prepaid calling plan used by mobile phone users in the USA and Canada is the Tel3Advantage Flex Plan. It can be used to make cheap international calls from any cell phone without changing companies and with no long term contract or other commitment. It is a simple to use prepaid service that can be used on a short or long term basis. Tel3Advantage does not charge any service fees, taxes or other hidden charges so the rate per minute advertised on their website to a destination is the actual rate charged (rounded up to the next minute). They even provide customers with an on-line account where they can view the details for each call made from their account so their billing is completely transparent. Tel3 also offers an application (TEL3Apps) so SMART phone users can make international calls from their phones without calling an access number or dialing any extra numbers. That is one reason why Tel3Advantage is one of the most popular prepaid calling plans for making international calls from mobile phones.

Prepaid phone cards are also a popular means of making international calls from mobile phones. A wide selection of international phone cards can be conveniently purchased on-line and can be used to make low cost international phone calls from almost any location in the world. They offer convenience, flexibility, low cost and a wide range of features. On-line phone cards are also stored in a users account and several premium cards also have features like call history, PIN free dialing and auto-recharge which makes them a convenient alternative for international calling. Rates and hidden fees vary widely between phone cards so care should be taken when shopping for phone cards. In most cases the advertised or listed rates per-minute for calls do not include all fees and taxes so read the fine print before making a purchase. In any case, the rate charged for international calls using prepaid phone cards will be than that charged by a mobile phone service provider.

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