Thursday, October 7, 2010

Global Calling using a Single Phone Card

Most international phone cards offer competitive rates to a single country or region of the world so international callers need to shop around in order to find a card with good rates to the countries they wish to call. There are only a few prepaid calling products that offer competitive rates to all locations and even these have limitations. We discuss two popular global calling products below.
The first product is Tel3Advantage. It can be used to make cheap long distance calls (domestic or international) from the USA or Canada. This includes Alaska, Hawaii and Puerto Rico. Tel3Advantage is a popular product with frequent international callers because it offers low rates and superior call quality to almost all locations. Tel3Advantage also offers a nice signup bonus for new customers. Those who are interested should visit the Tel3Advantage Promo post for more details. Tel3Advantage can be used to make calls without dialing a PIN code or account number from multiple registered phone numbers in the same account. It also has an App (TEL3 Apps) which allows SMART phone users to directly dial international calls from their phones without dialing any extra numbers. Tel3Advantage provides customers with an on-line account where they can monitor activity in their account and easily make changes to their preferences. It comes with a complete array of features like speed dial, call history. PIN free dialing, toll free access and a wide network of local access numbers in the USA and Canada. It also does not charge any hidden fees or taxes. For these reasons, Tel3Advantage is one of the most popular international calling products in North America with over 500,000 active customers.
Another product that is similar to Tel3Advantage is the continental phone card. The continental card offers similar rates, quality and features with the added advantage that it can be used to make calls from over 60 countries. It also has other built in products which makes it much more than a standard phone card. For example, it can be used to make conference calls, as a callback phone to make cheap international calls from any country in the world, to set-up a personal toll free number in the USA and for PC-to-Phone service. The continental phone card is one of the most versatile phone cards on the market. It has low fees and also comes with a variety of popular features like speed dial, call history and PIN free calling. For these reasons the continental phone card is one of the most popular on-line phone cards sold in the USA.