Saturday, September 25, 2010

Save Time and Hassles with Direct Dial

Many callers find making international calls with phone cards a hassle because they need to dial long international phone numbers along with access numbers and PIN codes. Dialing all of these numbers is burdensome and it is easy to make a mistakes while dialing and complete calls to the wrong phone number. Several companies have been working on new features in order to make life easier for frequent international callers and there are a few new ideas available on the market today.

Tel3 has been a great innovator in the prepaid calling market. Their Tel3Advantage product has featured PIN free dialing and speed dial for several years and they recently introduced TEL3Apps for SMART phone users. Using the Tel3Advantage speed dial feature any customer can add up to 100 phone numbers to their on-line account and dial the numbers by pressing only two digits. This feature can be used with any telephone and makes it much easier to accurately dial complex international phone numbers. TEL3Apps is a free application that Tel3Advantage customers can use with a SMART phone. It allows the customer to directly dial international numbers through the low cost Tel3 network from their SMART phone without dialing access numbers or PIN codes. SMART phone users can also dial numbers directly from the address book on their mobile phones. Their mobile phone will automatically route international calls over the low cost Tel3 network for significant savings. Best of all, Tel3 Mobile can be used with any mobile phone service provider without changing anything.

Other prepaid calling products have taken a different approach. For example, the Solaris Phone Card uses a feature they call Direct Dial to reduce the hassle of dialing international phone numbers. Using the Direct Dial feature, each international contact is assigned a unique USA phone number. If a customer wishes to call the contact they simply dial the unique USA phone number and the call is completed without dialing PIN codes, access numbers or complicated international phone numbers. This feature makes it significantly easier to complete international calls to numbers that are frequently called and makes it very easy to add these contacts to the address book on a mobile phone but it does not offer the universal flexibility and ease-of-use featured by Tel3 Mobile.

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