Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Phone Cards with Speed Dial

People who make frequent international phone calls know how easy it is to make mistakes while dialing a long series of numbers. To make matters worse, many phone cards require users to dial an access number and enter a PIN code or account number before dialing all of the numbers required to make an international phone call. This is not only a hassle but one mistaken number can cause the call to not be completed or a call that is completed to the wrong number. Several phone card companies have come up with ingenious features that can make international calling far more convenient. These include options like PIN free dialing, so callers do not need to enter an account number or PIN code when completing a call, and a less known feature called Speed Dial.

Speed Dial is a favorite with international callers who make frequent phone calls to the same international phone numbers. Using the Speed Dial feature, all a caller needs to do is list the international phone numbers they frequently call in their on-line account and assign it a one or, in some cases, a two digit number. When they want to make a call to one of their assigned numbers they simply dial a one or two digit number and the call is completed. This makes dialing international phone numbers much easier and there is much less possibility of dialing an incorrect phone number.

There are a few premium phone cards on the market that have a Speed Dial feature. Smart Global Call International Phone Cards market 4 phone cards with Speed Dial. These are the Cardinal, Continental, Golden Lotus and Simply phone cards. You can find them on their website at Phone Cards International. These all allow users to input up to 8 phone numbers and assign them numbers from 1 to 9. An international number can than be dialed by inputting a single digit. These are all high quality phone cards with low rates, low fees and other useful features.

Another prepaid calling product that features Speed Dial is the Tel3Advantage flex plan. Their Speed Dial feature allows callers to add up to 99 phone numbers and international phone numbers can be called by dialing 2 digits. Tel3Advantage is a very high quality product that can be used to make cheap international calls from North America. It is one of the most popular international calling plans since it has no hidden fees and a variety of features that make international calling more convenient.

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Caitlin said...

QT Talk's PUREMinutes Plan offers an even simpler way to place international calls. QT Talk's Blackberry app allows users to place international calls without the use of pin numbers or extra hidden fees.