Sunday, September 12, 2010

7 Reasons to Purchase Phone Cards Online

We often wonder why people purchase phone cards in supermarkets and other retail outlets. There may be valid reasons for these purchases but they may also be due to impulse buying, a false sense of security or simply not knowing about the alternatives. In any case, millions of people still purchase phone cards in retail outlets and are foregoing the many advantages offered by online phone cards. Some of the key advantages of online phone cards are outlined below:

  • Security - People may feel secure having a plastic card in their hand but it can always be lost or stolen. An online phone card is safely stored in a users online account where it can be accessed via the INTERNET from any location.
  • Cost - We have not performed a detailed study of cost but many of the rates we see advertised on phone cards in stores seem very high. For example, some phone cards in retail outlets advertise rates on long distance calls in the USA of 5 cents or more per minute. Many premium quality online phone cards offer rates of 2 cents per minute or less for the same calls. This represents a savings of over 50%. We have observed the same for advertised rates on international long distance calls.
  • Selection - Most retail outlets offer a limited number of phone cards while the INTERNET offers an unlimited selection. The phone card industry is not standardized. Phone cards have different fee structures and most phone cards have other limitations. For example, they may offer very good rates on calls to certain locations or regions of the world while calls to other locations are relatively expensive or they can only be used from specific countries or cities. There are general phone cards (like the AT&T card) that can be used to call to-and-from most countries but these tend to have very high rates. Callers who want to save money on calls and not get ripped-off should compare the terms and conditions offered by various phone cards and this is best done online.
  • Simplicity - Many online phone card merchants offer a variety of phone cards. Multiple phone cards can be purchased from these merchants and stored in one online account. In many cases, unused funds can be transferred from one phone card to the another in the users account. This is a nice convenience for people who travel or others who want to call to-or-from multiple locations and still want the best rates. An example of a phone card vendor like this is phone cards international.
  • Features - Online phone cards offer a multitude of features. Some of the more popular features are an online call history (listing the details of each phone call), auto-recharge, PIN free dialing, speed dial, fund transfer between cards, permanent PIN and access to an online user account. Some cards also offer conference calling and other features like international callback.
  • Convenience - Online phone cards are simply more convenient. A user can check account balances, purchase cards or add funds from any INTERNET connection.
  • Research - It is much easier to compare phone cards and study things like pricing, usage and terms & conditions online than while standing in a retail outlet. The phone card market can be confusing and, in many cases, a little research before a purchase can save a caller from making a costly mistake.

Those interested in learning more about phone cards or other options for saving money on international phone cards are encouraged to visit a website like the international call guide for calling tips and further information.

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