Monday, September 20, 2010

How to Make the Cheapest Calls to Asia

Several of the most popular international calling destinations from the USA are located in Asia. Rates on calls to most countries in Asia are not high when compared to international calls to other locations but, in today's economy, most consumers are trying to save as much money as possible. One way to save substantial money on international calls is to use phone cards or other prepaid calling products. We recently reviewed several options for making cheap international calls to Asia and found that one prepaid phone card stood out from the rest on calls to most countries in Asia from the USA. We found that the Penny Boss Phone Card has the lowest rates to most countries in Asia. It is also very convenient to use from the USA since it has a toll free access number along with a wide network of local access numbers and it offers PIN Free dialing. The PIN Free Dialing feature allows a user to add up to 6 phone numbers to their account and if the phone card is used to place a call from one of these phone numbers there is no need to dial an account number or PIN code. It also has low fees and is highly rated when it comes to call quality. Penny Boss is a versatile phone card with cheap rates on long distance calls to most locations, inlcuding a low 1.3 cent-per-minute rate on long distance calls within the USA.

Tel3Advantage also offers low rates on calls to Asia from the USA. We found that it had the best rates on calls to the Philippines and South Korea. Tel3Advantage also has some other advantages over typical prepaid phone cards. For example, it uses a 1 minute rounding interval and has no added fees or taxes so the listed rates for each destination is the actual amount charged which makes it less expensive on calls to many destinations when all fees and taxes are considered. It is one of the few prepaid calling products with no hidden fees which makes it one of our favorites. Those who are interested should visit the Tel3 Triple Promo website for the best deal on Tel3Advantage.

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