Saturday, September 11, 2010

How to Make Cheap International Calls from the UAE

It is relatively easy to find products for making cheap international calls to the UAE but making cheap international calls from the UAE is a problem for most people. Like several other countries, the UAE actively blocks Skype and other VoIP products in order to drive international callers to their high cost domestic phone company. This is like a tax on international isitors and expats working in the UAE. However, on a recent trip to the UAE we experimented with some products and found a couple of international calling options that were both low cost and good quality.

We found that international phone cards were an expensive option for making calls from the UAE and so are international mobile phones. Expect to pay $1 per-minute or more with one of these options. There is a special kind of phone card that works well from the UAE and a cost for calls to the USA is only around 14 US cents per-minute. It is the continental phone card which has a special callback feature called web call. It can be used to make cheap international calls from a standard mobile or landline telephone in any country. All the user needs is an INTERNET connection and a telephone that cen receive a phone call from overseas. To use the service, all the caller does is log into their account on-line and input the phone number they are calling from and the number (in another country) they wish to call. They submit this screen and in a few seconds they will receive a call from a computer located in the USA. When the call is answered they will hear the phone they wish to call begin to ring and the call is completed. This service worked very well from the UAE and the call quality was very good. Those who want more information on this callback service should visit the following page; web call.

We also found a way to use Skype from the UAE. In order to do this we had to first download and subscribe to a service called StrongVPN. This service is used to create a bridge over the INTERNET from where the user's PC is located to another country. In our case the other country was the USA but they have other options. So, in our case, using StrongVPN the IP address of our computer was in the USA and we were able to make calls using Skype as if we were in the USA not the UAE. We were able to make free PC-to-PC calls to other Skype users and we were able to make PC-to-Phone calls at USA rates. This is a super option for expats living in the UAE or for people who travel with a PC and want to make cheap calls from any location. StrongVPN provides them with a secure INTERNET connection from any location and the ability to use Skype and visit other websites that may be blocked by the local country. Visit PC-to-Phone service or use the tab at the bottom of the page for more information on StrongVPN.

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