Friday, September 10, 2010

Home Business Opportunity in Canada

Tel3 has recently launched a new program to recruit agents to sell their popular Tel3Advantage prepaid long distance program in Canada. Until recently only USA residents could sell the program so this is a big change and a good opportunity for those seeking a home based buiness in Canada. Tel3Advantage can be used to make cheap domestic and international calls from any phone in the USA or Canada without changing companies or entering into a contract or long term obligation. It is one of the most popular prepaid calling products because it offers high quality, low cost and a variety of attractive features. It is especially popular with people who make alot of international calls because it integrates well with mobile phones or any business or private telephone without changing anything. Therefore, customers have the ability to make cheap international calls from any location or type of telephone with one product.

Tel3 is offering a special promotion for new Canadian agents. They will get double the normal commission rate through the end of 2010 and their customers will also get double the normal sign-up bonus (Free Minutes). It is completely free to sign-up and become an agent. There is nothing to purchase and Tel3 provides agents with a free website and very good marketing support. It does take time and hard work to become a successful agent but it offers an opportunity to work from home and earn an unlimited income. This is one of the best programs of its kind since it is possible to become successful with no previous experience. We are living proof of that. We started as an agent about 5 years ago with no previous telecommunications or INTERNET marketing experience and are now one of the top producing agents in the Tel3Advantage program.

Those Canadians who are interested should visit Tel3Advantage Agent Program for Canada for more details. It is completely free to sign-up and you can start marketing the product through your own website in a matter of minutes.

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