Saturday, August 14, 2010

Lingo International VoIP Phone

Lingo VoIP has a new offer which makes it one of the best options for international callers who make frequent calls to certain countries. Callers will get unlimited long distance calling in the USA and to 45 countries with Lingo for the low rate of $21.95 per month. During the current sign-up special, new customers will get one month of Free Service, Free activation, Free shipping and Free equipment. This is a $116 value. Visit VoIP Service Providers for more information on Lingo VoIP and other options for making cheap international phone calls.

An international VoIP call plan is typically a good option for those who make frequent calls and use a lot of minutes each month calling to one or more of the locations included in the plan. It can be the lowest cost option for these people and it also offers high call quality. It does offer some disadvantages versus a prepaid international plan like Tel3Advantage. For example, with a VoIP plan a customer will pay the monthly fee even if they do not make any calls during the month while they will only pay for what they use with a prepaid plan. Therefore, those who consistently make a lot of international calls each month may benefit from a VoIP plan while others may benefit from the flexibility of a prepaid call plan.

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Bloggo said...

If you are thinking of using Lingo for your home VOIP don't do it. Their customer service is hopeless, and they ignore any issues or questions you may have. You will be sorry if you use their services.