Saturday, July 17, 2010

Cheap Calls from Countries where Skype and VoIP is Blocked

Several countries actively block Skype and VoIP service as well as access to various websites. The following is a list of countries where Skype service is blocked. There are likely other countries not listed here so it is something to consider when traveling to international locations.

Caribbean Countries (Jamaica, etc.)

In most cases, these countries block Skype and VoIP phone service in order to force people to use their high cost international phone service. It is possible to get relatively cheap international phone cards that can be used to make calls from Brazil, China and Pakistan so these are good alternatives. However, the other countries leave few options for people who want to make cheap international phone calls.

One exception is international callback. International callback can be used to make cheap international calls from cell phones or any type of phone that can receive international phone calls. International callback can save callers a lot of money because the calls originate in another country and the local, high cost phone service is by-passed. There are different types of callback but one we like is commonly called Web Call. It is simple to use and very hard to block since it is triggered by sending a pre-formatted e-mail message to a computer in another country. Therefore, all that is required to place a call is a phone and any type of Internet connection. The e-mail contains the phone number where to caller is located and the number that the caller wants to call. A computer receives the e-mail, places a call to the caller and, when answered, completes the call by placing a call to the other parties phone number. It is simple, cheap and can be used to make international calls from any country in the world.

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