Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Are Prepaid Phone Cards the Answer?

If you are planning to travel to Europe or other international destinations this summer than prepaid phone cards may be the answer to your communication needs. Many people plan to use an international cell phone to keep in touch but those who check the rates offered by their carrier find the cost is far too high. Why pay dollars per-minute for calls when high quality international phone cards offer rates of just a few cents per-minute? International cell phones are fine for emergency but the rates charged for international calls are simply to high for every day use. People who want to save money should purchase prepaid phone cards that will work from the countries they plan to visit. These can be conveniently purchased and recharged through an on-line account from any location where the INTERNET is available. Phone cards are low cost and convenient to use since they can be used from almost any telephone. There may be some restrictions or extra charges in some countries so read the fine print before making a purchase. The answer is that travelers who make frequent international calls with phone cards will save a lot compared to those who make the same calls with international cell phones.

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