Friday, May 14, 2010

Tel3Advantage has the Lowest International Rates to Many Popular Destinations

Tel3Advantage offers one of the most popular preapid calling plans in North America and, as shown below, has the lowest rates to many popular destinations. The rates are even lower for the first 30 days if people sign-up using the Triple Promotion. Visit Tel3 Triple Promo for details. The following are rates per minute on international calls from Canada and the USA.

China 1.3 cents
Madrid Spain 1.4 cents
Bangkok Thailand 1.5 cents
Geneva Switzerland 1.8 cents
South Korea 1.9 cents
Tokyo Japan 2.1 cents
Porto Alegra Brazil 2.6 cents
Bulgaria 3 cents
Philippines 10.5 cents
Kenya Mobile Phone 10.9 cents
Kuwait Mobile Phone 10 cents
Iran Mobile Phone 11.5 cents
Iraq Mobile Phone 11.7 cents
UAE 15.1 cents
Armenia Mobile Phone 15.8 cents
Syria Mobile 17.4 cents
Ethiopia 21.9 cents

It is easy to make cheap international phone calls with Tel3Advantage from the USA and Canada. There are no contract requirements and it is not necessary to change companies in order to use the service. Opening an account is free and there are no maintenance fees or hidden charges. Simply pay for the calls you make and use the service as little or as much as you like. That is why Tel3Advantage prepaid long distance phone service is so popular.

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