Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Phone Card Features: Speed Dial

A little known phone card feature that is popular with many international callers is speed dial. Using the speed dial feature a caller can pre-program phone numbers and dial them by pressing two keys. This is a very nice time saving feature for people who make frequent international calls to friends, family or business associates overseas. It is also a great way to minimize dialing errors and placing calls to the wrong phone number. Rather than dialing a sequence of 8 or 10 numbers to place an international call, the same call can be completed by pushing only two numbers.

Speed dial is not a very common phone card feature. We only know of three prepaid calling products that feature speed dial. One is Tel3Advantage, which is a popular prepaid long distance product that can be used to make calls from North America. The others are two premium phone cards, Cardinal and Continental, offered by phone cards international. These phone cards can be used to make cheap calls from over 60 countries. Speed dial is one of those features that most people do not even know about but once they use it going back to dialing numbers is almost impossible.

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