Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Mother's Day Phone Card Deal

Smart Global Call Phone Cards International started their annual Mother's Day special offer today. These are international phone cards that can be used to make cheap calls from more than 130 countries. The sale features a 10% discount on all prepaid phone cards. It lasts through May 12th. Customers need to use the following link in order to get this special offer, Mother's Day Phone Card Discount.

Tel3Advantage is also having a promotion which lasts through May 10th. Their offer can be found by using the following link, Tel3Advantage Mother's Day Promo. International callers should check out both offers to see which one is the best deal for thier situation. With Tel3Advantage, callers can make cheap international phone calls from the USA or Canada. Using prepaid phone cards a caller can make cheap international calls from more than 130 countries. Tel3Advantage has better rates to certain locations but, in many cases, Tel3Advantage rates are similar to those charged by high quality phone cards.

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