Sunday, May 2, 2010

International Cell Phones are a Convenient but Costly Option

International mobile phones have become very popular with international travelers especially business travelers who can now take their office with them wherever they travel. However, it is a very costly way to make international phone calls while on a trip. International cell phone carriers typical charge for incoming as well as outgoing calls and rates can be anywhere from $1 to several US dollars per minute. Therefore, international cell phones are a convenient option for making international calls but it is not an affordable option for most travelers.

With summer travel season near many people are planning trips. Some are planning international trips and are likely thinking about how they might stay in touch while on vacation. International cell phones are a very good option for emergency use while on an overseas trip. Friends, family and business associates can easily make contact in the event of an emergency at home and it is very convenient means of keeping in touch. There are companies that offer international cell phone rentals and it is possible to rent mobile phones at many international destinations. Most rental companies charge a nominal daily fee for renting a phone even if no calls are made. However, they charge a pretty hefty rate for incoming as well as outgoing calls. Most people do not want to spend several hundred dollars on communication services while on vacation so, for these people, an international cell phone is great for emergency use but their cheaper options for making calls home to chat.

The cheapest option for making international calls while traveling are international phone cards. These offer convenience and low cost. Prepaid phone cards can be purchased before leaving home and they can be used to budget communication expenses while on a trip. They can typically be used from almost any telephone and rates on calls are only a few cents per minute versus up to a few dollars per minute for international cell phones. Phone cards are not as convenient as an international cell phone but who wants to waste time talking on the phone while on vacation.

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