Sunday, April 25, 2010

How to Make Cheap Calls from Russia

If you are planning a trip to Russia or live in Russia and want to make cheap international calls from Russia than we have the ideal phone card. It is call the Arbat phone card and can be purchased from the website phone cards international. It has some of the lowest rates on international calls from Russia and has local access numbers in Moscow, St Petersburg and several other Russian cities. You can even use it to make long distance calls inside Russia. It is actually a Russian phone card with prompt languages in both English or Russian.

The Arbat phone card can only be used in Russia, to make cheap domestic or international long distance calls. It has no hidden fees like taxes, service fees, maintenance fees or connection fees. But it does charge extra for using toll free access numbers or for making calls from some cities in Russia. It has a network of local access numbers in major Russian cities and these should be used to avoid added fees. The call quality is very good and we found the card worked well with no problems connecting with the access numbers or placing calls. It also uses a 30 second rounding interval which is better than most phone cards. The Arbat card is a permanent PIN phone card that can be refilled and reused. It is relatively easy to find products for making cheap calls to Russia but now there is an easy to use product for making cheap calls from Russia.

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