Saturday, March 27, 2010

How to Make Cheap International Calls to India

Rates on international calls to India have dropped dramatically over the past few years due to increased competition and a reduction in regulations. It is now possible to call India from the USA for just over 1 cent per minute with a phone card and some international VoIP plans even allow unlimited international calling to India from North America. There is so much competition in this market that it is tough to keep up with all of the new products. Those interested in a variety of options should visit cheap calls to India for ideas and more information.

There are so many new products that there is likely one that best fits every situation. Those who want to make frequent calls to India and use a lot of minutes each month should likely use an unlimited international VoIP call plan. These are especially good for those who already have high speed INTERNET and would like to replace or supplement their home phone service. Look for a low cost plan from a VoIP service provider provides all of the necessary equipment for free and does not require a long term contract. Many also provide a trial period and incentives for first time customers.

Those who only make occasional calls to India or who are located outside of North America may want to use prepaid phone cards. Some of these can offer high quality service at very low rates and they are convenient to use. Especially for those who are traveling or are located in one location for a short period of time.

Another option, especially for those who want to make cheap international calls from a mobile phone, is a prepaid calling plan. Many of these allow users to register several phones so they all can be used to make low cost international calls from the same account.

Rates on calls to India seem to be about as cheap as they can get but, who knows, with the intense competition in the telecom industry they may just get cheaper.

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