Saturday, March 20, 2010

How to Make Cheap International Calls from Canada

There are a variety of products for making cheap international calls from Canada. These vary from those that can be used from any phone, like phone cards, to those that require an INTERNET connection like PC-to-Phone or VOIP. Although, in many case, INTERNET based products offer good value, they also require the user to have access to the INTERNET. In many cases they also require the user to pay a monthly fee for services even if no international calls are made. That is why many international callers are still using high quality phone cards and other prepaid calling products that can be used from standard or mobile phones to make international calls from Canada. Many of these products offer high quality, low cost and ultimate flexibility.

One product that is gaining popularity for making international calls from Canada is Tel3Advantage. It was introduced in Canada a couple of years ago and has steadily gained popularity among those people who make frequent international calls. Tel3 offers the highest call quality and some of the lowest rates. It is also one product that can be used from multiple phones (home, business or mobiles) and it is very convenient to use. They provide callers with an on-line account where they can track usage and make changes to their accounts. They also provide 24/7 customer service. It is also one of the only companies in the industry that has an A+ rating with the Better Business Bureau.

Tel3Advantage offers some of the lowest rates and they do not charge a monthly fee for maintaining an account. They also do not charge hidden fees to make up for low rates which is common practice in the phone card industry. Tel3 offers some of the lowest rates in the industry on international calls. For example, internationals call from Canada to the Australia are only 1.4 cents per minute while calls to the USA are only 0.9 cents per minute with Tel3. These rates are good for the first 30 days if a new customer opens an account using the Tel3Advantage Triple Bonus offer. Tel3 makes these offers to entice people to try their service because they know that most customers will continue to use the service beyond the bonus period. Tel3Advantage is one of the most popular prepaid calling plans in North America because they offer high quality, low rates and some of the best customer service in the industry.

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