Friday, February 12, 2010

Calling the USA from Military Bases Overseas

US military personnel can use Tel3Advantage to make cheap international calls back to the USA from military bases overseas. Even if those locations are in Iraq or Afghanistan. Calls can be made over the DSN (defense system network) at the incredibly low rate of 1.9 cents per-minte. This is the same low rate that Tel3Advantage charges for domestic long distance calls within the USA. This rate includes all fees and taxes so it is much lower than the 5 cents per-minute rate charged by AT&T or MCI. All that is need is a Tel3Advantage prepaid long distance account. It is free to open an account and the minimum deposit in order to start making phone calls is only $10. Visit the Tel3Advantage website for details or call 800 441 0321.

Tel3Advantage is also a super option for calling overseas to any location from the USA or Canada. It offers very low rates and can be used to make cheap overseas calls from any kind of telephone, including business phones and cell phones. It offers high quality connections, low cost with no hidden fees or taxes and a full range of features.

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