Sunday, December 13, 2009

Common Prepaid Phone Card Complaints

A recent US Federal Trade Commission (FTC) report (visit Facts about Prepaid Phone Cards for details) includes a list of common pre-paid phone card complaints. A summary of these complaints are listed below.

  • Phone Cards that do not deliver the advertised number of calling minutes.
  • Phone Cards that debit minutes or units even when a call is not completed.
  • Phone Cards with excessive hidden charges like connection fees, taxes and surcharges that increase the rate-per-minute.
  • Phone Cards with bad connections.
  • Calling Cards with access numbers or PINs that do not work.
  • Cards with Customer Service numbers that are constantly busy or simply do not work.
  • Toll free access numbers that do not work or are constantly busy so the phone card cannot be used.
  • Issuers who go out-of-business and leave the phone card holders with useless cards.
These concerns can be avoided if consumers understand the product they are purchasing and purchase prepaid phone cards from reputable merchants. The FTC cautions that"although many people buy prepaid phone cards on-the-spot, you can avoid disappointment by doing some advance work." We think the best way to avoid problems is to purchase phone cards from reputable on-line merchants. These merchants should have a good reputation and fully disclose all fees and details for their phone cards in an easy to understand format on their website. We know the following merchants will stand behind their products and have stellar reputations when it comes to quality and service.

For people who want to make prepaid long distance calls (domestic or international) from the USA or Canada we recommend using Tel3Advantage. They offer a high quality product with no hidden fees or taxes. They also have an A+ rating with the Better Business Bureau (BBB).

People who want to buy cheap prepaid phone cards for use from any location in the world should visit Smart Global Call International Phone Cards at They feature premium quality phone cards and all of the fees, taxes, access numbers and details for each of the phone cards are prominently displayed on their website. They also have 24 hour customer service and stand behind the products they sell.

Save yourself a hassle by purchasing phone cards from reputable dealers. Also, we recommend shopping for phone cards on-line since it is a lot easier to study the details of each product before making a purchase.

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