Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Tel3Advantage Now Offers the Lowest Rates on Calls to China

If you make international calls to China from the USA or Canada than this may be of interest to you. Tel3Advantage announced recently that they have lowered their rates for international calls to China from North America from 1.7 to 1.32 cents-per-minute. This rate includes all fees and taxes if the caller uses a local access number when placing the call. A 1 cent-per-minute surcharge is added if the caller uses the Tel3Advantage toll free access number to make the call. It is not hard to avoid the surcharge since Tel3 has a wide network of local access numbers. Calls can be made from any kind of telephone, including mobile phones and hotel or business phones. Tel3Advantage now has the lowest rates on international calls to China from North America.

It is possible to get a lower rate on international calls for the first 30 days if a new customer opens an account using the Tel3Advantage Triple Promo offer. The rate on calls to China for the first 30 days using this offer is only 1 cent-per-minute and the new customer can also get up to 900 free minutes as a sign-up bonus. Visit Tel3Advantage Triple Promo for details or call 800 441 0321.

Friday, December 25, 2009

Information and Facts about Prepaid Phone Cards

A phone card purchase represents prepaid long distance phone time. It is paid in advance and can be used over a period of time. It can be used to make one phone call or it can be used to make multiple calls to more than one destination. Each phone card has a unique number or PIN code so a computer can track the usage and deduct the charge for each call from the starting value or "face value" of the phone card. Some phone cards expire if not used by a certain period of time while other phone cards have no expiration date.

A Phone Card is used by dialing a special phone number which is referred to as an access number. Some phone cards have one access number and others have multiple numbers. Access numbers can be local or they can be toll free. In any case, a phone card is used by dialing an access number and following the prompts in order to place a call. In some cases, one of the prompts will request the user to enter a PIN code to identify the phone card being used. Some phone cards do not require the user to enter a PIN code. These PIN-Free phone cards require the user to register the phone number or numbers where they plan to make calls from and the computer can track their usage with caller ID technology. PIN-Free phone cards a much easier to use since the caller does not need to enter a special code whenever they want to place a call. PIN-Free dialing is a common feature found with high quality virtual phone cards that are purchased from on-line merchants.

Phone cards are purchased in denominations that range from $2 to $100 or more. It is usually best to purchase the smallest denomination first and try using the card before making a large purchase. Prepaid phone cards can be purchased from newsstands, convenience stores, retail stores and from INTERNET merchants. Since prepaid phone cards can have a variety of added costs and hidden fees it is best to study the details and fine print of a phone card before making a purchase. Some phone cards also have limited usage. For example, they can only be used to make domestic long distance calls or to make international long distance calls to specific countries. Be sure to understand the limits of a phone card before making a purchase.

On-line phone cards can typically be purchased using a major credit card or Pay Pal account. Many on-line phone card merchants provide buyers with a user account where the details of the users phone cards are stored. This can be a handy feature for people who make frequent calls and want to track usage. Virtual phone cards like Tel3Advantage come with a variety of features including on-line account management, PIN Free Dialing, call history and speed dial which makes the product very convenient to use.

Many people find prepaid phone cards to be a convenient, money saving product. Prepaid phone cards are convenient since they can be used to make calls from any kind of telephone. They can also save consumers money since the rates are typically cheaper than those offered by phone companies and, since payment is made in advance, they can be used to budget and control phone expense. Phone cards are typically used by people who regularly call overseas, travelers, students and those who do not have regular long-distance phone service.

Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Tel3Advantage Christmas Phone Card Promotion

The 2009 Tel3Advantage Christmas phone card promotion is in progress. During this promotion new customers who sign-up for the Tel3Advantage Flex Plan will get twice the normal sign-up bonus. It is free to open an account and all a new customer needs to do to qualify for the bonus is make an initial deposit. The amount of the bonus depends on the amount deposited but it ranges from $2 to $18. The bonus can be used to make free domestic and international calls to any location in the world. If you plan to make any international calls from North America this holiday season than you should sign-up for Tel3, get their holiday bonus and try one of the best quality prepaid long distance services in North America. Find out why Tel3 has an A+ rating with the Better Business Bureau and more than 100,000 satisfied customers. Visit Tel3Advantage for details or call 800 441 0321 and ask for the Christmas promo.

Sunday, December 20, 2009

Business Broadband Guide

Global market is the focus of today’s business. Every business needs client interaction every moment. The development of information technology have given enough space to dwell our business from every desktop. File sharing, data management, trainings, reports, monitoring, reviews, conferencing, comparison, advertisements, marketing, feedbacks, survey, every business necessity can be satisfied online. Broadband service has made communication faster and more reliable.

Business broadband differs entirely from a home or personal broadband in terms of usage. Transfer of data should be more reliable, secure and faster as well. There are few business which rely completely on the Internet, which might incur a huge loss if the service fails. Apart from the computers and notebooks there are few other devices that use the Internet as a gateway for communication like the Internet telephony. A better network setup and awareness of usage among the employees can shoot up the profit margin.

Internet providers in UK like BT, Orange, BE, Eclipse, Plusnet, O2, Tiscali, Zan etc., offer a number of broadband deals business customers. Its important that small business customers have to make a better plan of the usage, the devices to be connected in the network, web space or web hosting facilities required, no of email addresses and email client to be used. This might help in choosing some of the bundle package which again boosts up the economical factor. Its always good that companies chose unlimited download plans with an average or faster speed. More than the speed and download limit customers have to look for reliable and better service in terms of emergency from the Internet service provider which can save them during down times.

Small business can also try using a satellite type of connection as a stand by which can help them being online throughout the year. Also these services provided by companies likes avanti communications does not require much service. More over small business customers who does not rely on online usage 100% can create a wireless zone or a hot spot instead of a cable broadband in their companies. This allows access only to specific computers on demand which can reduce the installation expense as well as high Internet usage.

Before subscribing for any packages customers can try out free broadband packages which are offered seasonally and check the level of service. Because cancelling a contract in a business broadband is either not possible or cost you more.

Broadband Internet service will also allow users the option of using PC-to-Phone or VoIP phone service for making cheap international calls. There are special business call plans which integrate VoIP phone service and PBX service into one low cost, neat package.

Thursday, December 17, 2009

How to Make Cheap Calls to UK Cell Phones

The UK is one of the most popular calling destinations from the USA and Canada. It is also one of the lowest cost destinataions. It is relatively easy to find an international prepaid calling plan or high quality phone card with rates of 1 or 2 cents per-minute on calls from North America to UK land-lines but cell phones are another mater. Typical rates on calls to UK cell phones range from 10 cents per-minute to 25 cents per-minute or more. Even Vonage World, which boasts free calls to the UK, lists a 28 cent per-minute rate on calls to UK cell phones. Not exactly free, especially when one adds in taxes and other fees.

We have done some research and found that there are some options for making cheap calls to UK cell phones. It appears that the best options involve the use of prepaid phone cards or other prepaid calling products. One option is Tel3Advantage which charges only 10.5 cents per-minute (triple promo rate) on calls from the USA or Canada to cell phones in the UK. Tel3advantage does not charge added fees or taxes so this is an all inclusive rate if a local access number is used to place the call. Another good option is the Simply international phone card. It lists a rate of 11.4 cents per-minute but it does charge service and maintenance fees so all costs should be taken into account when making a decision.

These are both good options for making cheap calls to UK cell phones which could save callers a significant amount of money over the holiday season.

Tuesday, December 15, 2009

International Phone Card Sale - Save 10% on all Calling Cards

Save 10% on all International Phone Cards through December 27, 2009. Visit Phone Card Sale and select from a wide range of international phone cards. This offer includes gift cards that can be safely sent to friends or loved ones world wide. These international phone cards can be used to keep in touch from more than 230 countries.

Sunday, December 13, 2009

Common Prepaid Phone Card Complaints

A recent US Federal Trade Commission (FTC) report (visit Facts about Prepaid Phone Cards for details) includes a list of common pre-paid phone card complaints. A summary of these complaints are listed below.

  • Phone Cards that do not deliver the advertised number of calling minutes.
  • Phone Cards that debit minutes or units even when a call is not completed.
  • Phone Cards with excessive hidden charges like connection fees, taxes and surcharges that increase the rate-per-minute.
  • Phone Cards with bad connections.
  • Calling Cards with access numbers or PINs that do not work.
  • Cards with Customer Service numbers that are constantly busy or simply do not work.
  • Toll free access numbers that do not work or are constantly busy so the phone card cannot be used.
  • Issuers who go out-of-business and leave the phone card holders with useless cards.
These concerns can be avoided if consumers understand the product they are purchasing and purchase prepaid phone cards from reputable merchants. The FTC cautions that"although many people buy prepaid phone cards on-the-spot, you can avoid disappointment by doing some advance work." We think the best way to avoid problems is to purchase phone cards from reputable on-line merchants. These merchants should have a good reputation and fully disclose all fees and details for their phone cards in an easy to understand format on their website. We know the following merchants will stand behind their products and have stellar reputations when it comes to quality and service.

For people who want to make prepaid long distance calls (domestic or international) from the USA or Canada we recommend using Tel3Advantage. They offer a high quality product with no hidden fees or taxes. They also have an A+ rating with the Better Business Bureau (BBB).

People who want to buy cheap prepaid phone cards for use from any location in the world should visit Smart Global Call International Phone Cards at They feature premium quality phone cards and all of the fees, taxes, access numbers and details for each of the phone cards are prominently displayed on their website. They also have 24 hour customer service and stand behind the products they sell.

Save yourself a hassle by purchasing phone cards from reputable dealers. Also, we recommend shopping for phone cards on-line since it is a lot easier to study the details of each product before making a purchase.

Saturday, December 5, 2009

The Perfect Gift - A Gift Card Phone Card

With the Holiday Season fast approaching, a perfect gift for a friend or loved one who is far away may be the gift of a phone card. A phone card gift card can be delivered to any location in the world instantly via e-mail and there is no tax, duty or delivery fee. A phone card gift card is very easy to purchase and is a useful gift, even for the person who has everything.

A gift card can be purchased in any amount (from $5 to $100) and the recipient can trade it in for any phone card they want. So they can choose the best phone card for their needs from a vast range of phone cards including those with a global reach and a full range of special features.

Purchasing a gift card is easy. Once you complete a gift card purchase you will receive an email containing a PIN number and a link – all that is needed for a phone card to be selected and activated. Just send this information to your friend or loved one and they can choose the phone card they want. It is that easy.

Visit Phone Cards International to review a full range of international phone cards and choose the gift card option if you would like to send a special gift to a friend or loved one this holiday season.