Sunday, November 15, 2009

How to Make an International Call – Dialing Codes

A caller must use the proper international phone codes in order to place an international call. In general, the sequence of numbers used to make international calls follow a similar pattern but the exit code can vary depending on the country where the call originates. The following is an example of the dialing codes used to place an international call from the USA, Canada or other North America Dialing Plan (NANP) country.

(011) + (country code) + (city code) + (phone number)

The first number in the sequence (in this case 011) is commonly referred to as an exit code or international access code. It can also be called an International Direct Dialing (IDD) code. This code can vary between countries but it is necessary because it identifies the call as international.

The following is an example of dialing an international call to Amman, Jordan from the USA.

011 962 6 + (local phone number)

In the above example the 011 is the IDD code. This code identifies the call as an international phone call. The proper IDD code to use depends on the country where the call originates. Visit dialing codes international for further information.

The second three-digit number (962) in the above example is the country code for Jordan. The country code will vary depending on the country called; visit Country and City Dialing Codes for a complete list of country codes.

The third number (6) is the city code for Amman, Jordan. The international city code is also a specific number. In the USA, this is commonly called an area code. AT&T provides one of the most comprehensive lists of city codes available. Visit Country and City Codes for more details.

These dialing codes are followed by the local phone number.

A similar sequence of numbers is used when a call is placed to a mobile phone located in another country. However, it should be noted that the cost for calling a mobile phone is typically much higher than making an international call to a house phone or any land line phone. Visit cheap international calling for information on saving money on international phone calls made from any location in the world.

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