Sunday, November 29, 2009

Affiliate Programs Offer a Ready Made INTERNET Business Opportunity

Those who want to cash in on the INTERNET business boom should consider an online Affiliate Program. Affiliate opportunities are an attractive option since they are often offered by established businesses with proven products and marketing strategies and affiliates can get started with little or no capital. Many companies offer affiliates free websites and promotional materials along with tips and information on how to get started and how to promote products online. Affiliate programs are typically free to join but, like everything else, it takes hard work and a long term prospective to make money online. Those who make the commitment can make a significant income.

The first thing a prospective affiliate needs is a good, proven program with a quality product that sells at a fair or reasonable price. A key to success is to find a quality product that people purchase over and over again. Items like vitamins and supplements, tea, beauty products and phone cards are all good candidates. It is also nice to find a product and program that pays affiliates for re-occurring sales. It is best to stay away from affiliate programs that only pay for the first sale or only pays on sales through affiliate links. These programs make money and build the customer base for the company but do little for the affiliate. A successful affiliate program is one where the affiliate and the company are true partners. Where affiliates can build a customer base for both themselves and the company and both can prosper. We have been affiliates with several companies in the prepaid calling (Telecom) business for the last 5 years and have found the following companies to be the best. They are the best because they treat affiliates as true partners and offer high quality products that are fairly priced so customers tend to use them over-and-over again.

The first is the Tel3Advantage prepaid long distance affiliate (agent) program. Tel3 has been in the prepaid calling business for over 15 years and has one of the best agent programs in the business. Affiliates earn an upfront bonus for each new customer (ranging from $5 to $25) and from 10 - 16% on reoccurring sales. They also offer bonuses and special promotions for agents so affiliates have the opportunity to earn significantly more money. We have been involved with several Telecom affiliate programs and this has been the best one for us.

The second one is the phone card partner program. This program offers affiliates the opportunity to build there own, free, customizable website that is filled with a variety of phone cards that can be purchased from over 100 countries. This is a true global business opportunity where it is common to get a significant number of repeat customers. This has been a good business for us because the phone cards are high quality and they are fairly priced so people use them over and over again. Comfi also helps the affiliates with promotion because they consider then to be true partners. This is a very import factor for success.

These are both good programs for people who are serious about making money online.

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