Saturday, October 10, 2009

Phone Card Deals - Special Offer

Smart Global Call Phone Cards International is offering a 10% discount this month on two special phone cards. The following is a description of the two cards that are on sale. Visit Phone Cards International for more information.

The first one is the Bison phone card. It is a premium phone card that can be used to make calls from the USA, Canada and 13 other countries (Western Europe). It fearures low fees, high voice quality, a 1 minute rounding interval and Toll Free access. Bison is a great phone card for making calls to or from Europe and other locations.

The second phone card is Simply. It can be used to make cheap calls from the USA, Canada and Puerto Rico. This is one of our favorite phone cards. It features low rates, high voice quality, PIN free dialing and on-line call history.

Smart Global Call International Phone Cards features more than 35 different phone cards. Their phone cards have some of the lowest rates and can be used to make calls from over 230 countries. Customer get an on-line virtual account when they purchase a phone card and they can also transfer unused balances between cards so they can always use the optimum product. Smart Global call phone cards are guaranteed for quality and customer service is available 24/7.

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