Monday, October 26, 2009

Virtual Phone Cards offer Value and Features

Most consumers know that prepaid phone cards can be used to make cheap domestic and international long distance phone calls but many do not know that they also offer a full range of features. These features make them more convenient to use and a viable option for long term savings.

Consumers who purchase phone cards at supermarkets or convenience stores may be missing a lot of these features and may also be paying a higher rate for calls since it is very easy to shop and compare rates and features on-line. Many high quality phone card websites offer free search features which makes it very easy to find and compare phone cards from any location in the world. Phone cards can be safely purchased on-line and they are safely and conveniently stored in an on-line customer account.

Some of the common features found with high quality virtual prepaid phone cards are listed below.

  • PIN Free dialing has become a common feature with many virtual phone cards. It allows a caller to register phone numbers so they do not need to enter a special code when making calls from a registered phone. The registered phone numbers can be conveniently edited in the customer’s on-line account.
  • Many virtual phone cards feature a permanent PIN so the code does not change each time the phone card is re-charged or purchased. These permanent PIN phone cards are typically stored in an on-line account that can be accessed by a user from any INTERNET connection.
  • Most permanent PIN phone cards also allow an optional automatic recharge function. Many users find this to be an attractive option since it assures that they will not run out of funds during a call and the card is always available for use.
  • Many virtual phone cards come with a call history feature that tracks and stores the details of each call (including location, length of call and cost). The call history can be accessed through the customer’s on-line account. This is a very handy feature that is typically included with high quality phone cards.
  • Many on-line phone cards include a Speed Dial feature. This allows the user to add phone numbers to their personal account so they can call these numbers by pressing 2 or 3 numbers on their phone. This is a convenient feature for those who plan to make international calls to the same phone numbers.
  • Some on-line merchants allow customers to transfer funds between phone cards. This is a useful feature for users who call to or from multiple locations and want to use the phone card offering the best rates.
  • Most on-line merchants have a handy search tool built into their website that allows shoppers to search for the best phone card for their needs. These search tools will list phone cards with the lowest rates for making calls to and from specific locations. In many cases they also provide phone card quality ratings and a summary of features, taxes and fees.
  • Some on-line phone cards, like the continental card, can also be used to make conference calls, international callback calls from virtually any location in the world and to set-up personal toll free numbers in the USA.

There are virtual phone cards or prepaid calling plans like Tel3Advantage that offer many of the features listed above as well as some other not so common features. Tel3 offers a mobile plan where users can make direct-dial international phone calls from their Mobile Phones. With Tel3 Mobile, users do not need to dial an access number or PIN code when placing an international call. They simply dial the international code and their call is automatically routed over the low cost Tel3 network. Tel3 also offers a business calling plan with many on-line tools and features that are ideal for small to medium size business users. Tel3Advantage can be used to make cheap domestic and international long distance phone calls from Canada and the USA.

Phone cards have come a long way since their introduction in the 1970’s but companies like Tel3 and others continue to introduce new features and services so the virtual phone card of tomorrow will be even more useful than it is today.

Monday, October 19, 2009

Cheap International Calling: E-Mail Triggered Callback Phone Service

International callback phone service is a good option for people who want to make calls from countries which impose a high tariff on international calls. It saves callers money by routing their international calls through low cost third countries like the USA, Canada or Western Europe. Unlike VoIP, PC-to-Phone and many phone cards, international callback can be used to make cheap international calls from any country.

International callback calls are triggered using different means depending on the product but the results are basically the same. The caller receives an international phone call from a low cost third country. After answering the call the caller can either place a low cost call through the callback service provider’s network by direct dialing the desired phone number or, in some cases, the call is automatically routed to the desired destination phone number. In either case, the caller can save a significant amount of money with international callback because they are receiving an international phone call not placing one from a high cost country.

One innovative type of international callback is e-mail triggered callback. This product is included as a very useful feature with the Continental Phone card. They refer to it as Web Call but we find this name a bit misleading. It implies that calls are made over the INTERNET but, in reality, it is a callback phone service where calls are initiated by sending a pre-formatted e-mail message. The calls are actually made over any standard land-line telephone or cell phone. Those interested in more details should visit the following page, Web Call.

The Continental Card is a very versatile phone card that can, among other things, be used to make cheap international calls from over 60 countries by calling an access number and placing a call. It can also be used to make conference calls, low cost VoIP or PC-to-Phone service and it can be used to set up a personal toll free phone number. The continental card can be used to fill a variety of telecom needs.

Sunday, October 11, 2009

Phone Card Coupon - Phone Card Savings

Save 10% on popular phone cards through October 18, 2009 by visiting Save 10% Instantly . Most popular phone cards such as AT&T, Simply, Continental, Penny Boss, etc. are included in this special offer. Offer is valid for a purchase of $20 or more.... Visit Compare Phone Cards for a handy phone card comparison tool.

Saturday, October 10, 2009

Phone Card Deals - Special Offer

Smart Global Call Phone Cards International is offering a 10% discount this month on two special phone cards. The following is a description of the two cards that are on sale. Visit Phone Cards International for more information.

The first one is the Bison phone card. It is a premium phone card that can be used to make calls from the USA, Canada and 13 other countries (Western Europe). It fearures low fees, high voice quality, a 1 minute rounding interval and Toll Free access. Bison is a great phone card for making calls to or from Europe and other locations.

The second phone card is Simply. It can be used to make cheap calls from the USA, Canada and Puerto Rico. This is one of our favorite phone cards. It features low rates, high voice quality, PIN free dialing and on-line call history.

Smart Global Call International Phone Cards features more than 35 different phone cards. Their phone cards have some of the lowest rates and can be used to make calls from over 230 countries. Customer get an on-line virtual account when they purchase a phone card and they can also transfer unused balances between cards so they can always use the optimum product. Smart Global call phone cards are guaranteed for quality and customer service is available 24/7.

Saturday, October 3, 2009

International Calling from Mobile Phones - New TEL3Apps

Mobile phones are continuing to proliferate in the USA with over 203 million cells phones in use today versus approximately 34 million just 10 years ago. The average mobile phone user spends about 13 hours on the phone each month. Mobile phones have become so popular that many people rely fully on them for their telecommunication needs and no longer have landline telephones in their homes. However, as impressive as these statistics may seem, the USA still ranks only 29th in the world in cell phone ownership per capita. This is far behind most other developed countries in Europe and Asia where, in some cases, cell phone ownership per capita is more than twice that of the USA. Therefore, the mobile phone market in the USA has room for further growth.

Mobile phones are fairly inexpensive when used to make calls in the USA but the rates charged by most carriers for making international calls are outrageous when compared to other options. International calling rates charged by most mobile carriers are $1 or more per-minute. Many users choose to pay these high rates to make occasional international calls because making calls through their mobile phone carrier is much more convenient than using other means, like phone cards, where they are required to dial special numbers and codes to make a call. In the past, phone cards were about the only option a mobile user had available for making cheap international calls. However, things have changed, Tel3 recently introduced TEL3Apps which allows callers to make cheap international mobile calls from their phones without dialing special numbers or codes. All a mobile phone user needs to do is open an account with Tel3Advantage and they can download the free TEL3Apps software onto their cell phones and they can make direct dial international calls from their cell phone over the low cost Tel3 network. With TEL3Apps, a caller does not need to dial an access number or enter a PIN code when making an international call so it is just like using their cell phone carrier except it only costs a few cents to make a call. TEL3Apps will work with over 450 different cell phones so there is usually nothing to change. Also, Tel3Advantage customers can use the same account to make cheap international calls from any kind of phone so usage is not limited to their mobile phone. Tel3Apps is new but Tel3 has been in the prepaid long distance calling business since 1994 and have over 100,000 customers in North America. They are also rated A+ by the Better Business Bureau so they are a trusted company that offers superior quality and customer service. Visit their website for more information or call 800 441 0321.