Sunday, September 6, 2009

Tel3 Announces New Lower Rates

Tel3 announced recently that they have lowered rates on international calls from the USA and Canada to several popular destinations. The list below includes the destinations along with the new rate in USA cents/min. In order to get these rates a customer needs to open an account with Tel3 using the Tel3Advantage Triple Promo offer. A new account can also be opened by calling 1 800 441 0321 and asking for the Triple Promo.

Algeria 6.5 cents/min
Brazil 1.2
Denmark 1.2
Ethiopia 15.3
Georgia 3.4
Japan 1.4
Korea, South 1.3
Kuwait 5.6
Liberia 13.5
Malta 3.4
Mexico 1.2
Mozambique 5.6
Namibia 6.3
Portugal 1.2
Spain 0.9
Switzerland 1.2
Taiwan 1.3
Tajikistan 6.0
Tanzania 8.5
UAE 10.5
Uruguay 4.1

The rates listed above are to landlines. Rates to mobile phones will likely be different so it is a good idea to check the rates on the Tel3 website before opening an account. There are a variety of other options for making cheap international calls but Tel3 is one of the more popular options offered in North America. It can be used from any kind of phone without changing carriers and does not require a long term contract or other obligation. It also does not have any hidden charges, taxes or account maintenance fees. Tel3 also has a very responsive customer service department and is the only company in the industry rated A+ by the Better Business Bureau.

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