Monday, September 14, 2009

The Best Quality Phone Cards

There are several high quality phone cards on the market today. The “best phone card” depends, in part, on how the caller intends to use the product. It also depends on where the caller wants to use the phone card and what destinations they plan to call. In any case, a phone card rated the best in its class should have top rated voice quality, connectivity and customer service along with honest billing and useful features such as PIN free dialing and call history. With these criteria in mind, there are a few products which meet or exceed the expectations of most users. We discuss some of these below.

First and foremost we believe that Tel3Advantage offers the best prepaid calling product for making either domestic or international long distance calls from North America. Tel3 has been in the prepaid calling business for along time (around 15 years) and it is accredited by the Better Business Bureau (BBB) with an A+ rating. What does this rating mean? Well the BBB defines an A+ rating as, “An exemplary rating. This means that nothing in our files causes us to have any doubt about the company’s reliability.” A review of BBB comments is not a bad place to start when searching for the “Best Phone Card” but what makes Tel3Advantage better than the competition? There are several reasons but one big one is that they listen and adjust to the market. For starters, they offer a high quality product with low rates on calls to almost any location in the world. They also present their rates in an honest manner with no hidden charges, taxes or extra fees so a potential customer knows exactly what they will pay per-minute when they place a call. They have a wide network of access numbers in Canada and the USA so a user will almost never find a busy signal when dialing an access number. They are also innovators; Tel3Advantage offers programs with special features for mobile phone users and small to medium size businesses. Tel3Advantage also comes complete with popular features such as on-line account management, call history, speed dial and PIN free dialing. The only negative we know of is that Tel3Advantage can only be used to make calls from Canada and the USA.

Along with Tel3Advantage, there are at least two other phone cards that could be considered the best in their class. These are sold under the brand names Continental and Simply. Both of these phone cards are sold by Smart Global Call Phone Cards International. The Continental phone card is one of the most popular and is also one of our favorites. It has very high voice quality and is one of the most versatile prepaid calling products. It can be used as a phone card to make international calls via access numbers located in more than 60 countries but it can also be used in other applications. Some of these are prepaid VoIP, prepaid conference calling, prepaid PC-to-Phone, SMS call and Web Call. We find the Web Call feature to be one of the most interesting. Using Web Call, a user can connect two phones anywhere in the world by sending a preformatted e-mail message to a computer. This means that a caller in a country like Saudi Arabia can make a very cheap international call to the USA or any other country by avoiding the local monopoly phone system. The continental card also comes complete with features like on-line account management, call history and PIN free dialing.

Many people consider the AT&T phone card to be one of the best phone cards. We also believe it is one of the best in terms of voice quality, billing accuracy and range of use. It is one of the few phone cards that can be used to make calls from around 200 countries. However, it has extremely high rates when compared to other phone cards and it comes with no features except toll free access. It does not even have PIN free dialing so a caller must dial an access number and enter a complex PIN code before placing a call. Therefore, we think the AT&T phone card may be a good option for some international travelers but it is not the best phone card for long-term use. As discussed above, there are far cheaper options with similar voice quality that are also much more convenient to use.

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