Saturday, August 1, 2009

How to Make Cheap Long Distance Calls from Hotels

The next time you are in a hotel and want to make a long distance phone call you might want to try a prepaid phone card rather than placing a direct-dialed long distance call through the phone in your room. Using a phone card is just as convenient and has far cheaper long distance rates than those charged by hotels (including tax and surcharges). It is easy to shop and compare phone card rates on-line from any location in the world. Phone cards can be securely purchased on-line and they can be instantly used to make cheap domestic or international long distance calls. Rather than paying $0.50, $1.00 or more per-minute to make a direct-dialed call from a hotel room, the same call can be made for as little as 1 cents per-minute with a prepaid phone card.

Phone cards are also easy to use. All a caller needs to do is dial and access number (local or toll free depending on the phone card), enter a PIN code and place a call to any phone in the world. Many on-line phone cards include features such as speed dial or PIN free dialing which makes it very easy to place a call to any location. In many cases, they also include an on-line call history so a user can track the details for every call made with their phone card. Phone cards are also very portable, they can used from any kind of telephone (mobile, home, hotel, pay-phone or business phone). They can also be used to make calls from nearly any country in the world.

One popular virtual phone card that can be used to make cheap long distance calls from the USA or Canada is offered by Tel3. The Tel3Advantage flex plan is a very popular prepaid calling plan with more than 100,000 frequent users in North America. It is a high quality product that can be used from any kind of phone without changing service providers and has very low rates to any location in the world. It is a very good option for people who travel in North America and want the ability to make cheap international calls from any location.

It is easy to save money on long distance calls from any kind of telephone with prepaid phone cards.

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