Monday, August 31, 2009

Call History: An Uncommon Phone Card Feature

Many people overlook added features, like call history, when shopping for phone cards. They are simply too interested in things like cost per-minute for making calls to their desired destination and call quality to pay attention to seemingly unimportant added features like PIN Free Dialing, Speed Dial or Call History. Most of these added features may not seem very valuable but they can make using a phone card much more convenient. For example, international callers who have used phone cards with a PIN Free Dialing feature find it very difficult to use a card where it is necessary to enter a PIN code each time a call is placed.

Virtual phone cards purchased on-line tend to have many more added features than those purchased from off-line vendors. Even high priced phone cards like those offered by AT&T or MCI do not come with any added features. They typically have high call quality and include toll free access numbers but callers still need to enter a PIN code each time they make a call. Companies like Tel3 offer a high quality virtual phone card that comes with a full range of features. Their Tel3Advantage prepaid calling plan can be used like a phone card but it comes with an online account where customers can do things like view their account balance, review their call history, set speed dial numbers (up to 99) and set-up phones they want to use to make calls without dialing a PIN code. Tel3Advantage has much lower rates than the high cost companies with similar call quality but also comes with a full range of added features at no additional cost.

Several virtual phone cards offer a Call History feature. These cards come with a virtual account that can access via the INTERNET and users can log into their account and see the history of every call made with their phone card. They can see the duration, location called and charge for each call made with their phone card. Call history is a nice feature since it provides a full accounting of the charges made for each call.

Not all phone cards come with a Call History feature. The following are some that we are aware of: Continental, Golden Lotus, Hello from UK and Simply. These can all be found on the Smart Global Call Phone Cards International website. Be advised, Call History is a phone card feature that is very easy to get use to. Once a phone card with added features is used, it is hard to go back to a plain vanilla phone card.

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