Saturday, June 20, 2009

Cheap International Calls to India

There are a variety of options for making cheap calls to India from the USA, Canada and other international locations. One option we especially like this Father's Day is the Champion Phone Card. There are several reasons why this card is a super low cost option.

  1. It is a high quality international phone card with some of the highest consumer ratings for voice quality and customer service.
  2. The Champion has very low fees when compared to most phone cards. It does not have a maintenance fee or any connection fees.
  3. It has a wide network of local access numbers and also a toll free access number that can be used from the USA or Canada.
  4. The champion phone card uses a one minute billing increment unlike many cards that use a 3 or 6 minute increment. This means that the length of your call will be rounded to the next minute for billing purposes.
  5. It features PIN free dialing so it is not necessary to dial a PIN code or account number when placing a call.
  6. It has low rates on calls to India with no hidden fees.
  7. It can be purchased on-line with instant delivery.
  8. The Champion card can be purchased for as little as $5 and is fully guaranteed for quality.
  9. Purchase a phone card now and save 10% for a limited time.
There are other options for making cheap calls to India but many of these have low call quality and are actually more expensive because they use hidden fees to pump up the cost of making a call. The Champion phone card has high quality with honest rates with no tricks.

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