Saturday, June 20, 2009

Cheap International Calls to India

There are a variety of options for making cheap calls to India from the USA, Canada and other international locations. One option we especially like this Father's Day is the Champion Phone Card. There are several reasons why this card is a super low cost option.

  1. It is a high quality international phone card with some of the highest consumer ratings for voice quality and customer service.
  2. The Champion has very low fees when compared to most phone cards. It does not have a maintenance fee or any connection fees.
  3. It has a wide network of local access numbers and also a toll free access number that can be used from the USA or Canada.
  4. The champion phone card uses a one minute billing increment unlike many cards that use a 3 or 6 minute increment. This means that the length of your call will be rounded to the next minute for billing purposes.
  5. It features PIN free dialing so it is not necessary to dial a PIN code or account number when placing a call.
  6. It has low rates on calls to India with no hidden fees.
  7. It can be purchased on-line with instant delivery.
  8. The Champion card can be purchased for as little as $5 and is fully guaranteed for quality.
  9. Purchase a phone card now and save 10% for a limited time.
There are other options for making cheap calls to India but many of these have low call quality and are actually more expensive because they use hidden fees to pump up the cost of making a call. The Champion phone card has high quality with honest rates with no tricks.

Monday, June 15, 2009

Tel3 Advantage Father's Day Promo

Visit Tel3Advantage and sign-up for their prepaid long-distance phone service during the Father's Day promo and get double the normal sign-up bonus. This promotion lasts from June 16 through June 22, 2009. During the promotion period a new customer will get up to 946 free minutes just for signing up for the Tel3Advantage Flex Plan. There is no cost to sign-up, all a new customer needs to do is open an account and make an initial deposit ($10 - $100) and bonus funds will be automatically added to their account. The higher the initial deposit, the more bonus funds added as shown below.

Deposit $10 and get $2 in Bonus Funds

Deposit $25 and get $10 in Bonus Funds

Deposit $50 and get $14 in Bonus Funds

Deposit $100 and get $18 in Bonus Funds

Not a bad deal considering Tel3Advantage offers the most popular prepaid calling plan in North America. The flex plan has over 100,000 active customers who routinely use the service to make cheap international calls to any location in the world. The service can be used with any existing service and any kind of phone (cell, home, business, etc.) without changing anything. It is convenient to use and very easy to make calls. The service can be used from the USA and Canada. Tel3Advantage is an honest calling plan with no hidden fees or taxes. This can be verified through an on line call history in every customers personal on-line account that records the length and cost for each call. Now is a great time to try Tel3Advantage and save money on calls to Dad.

Saturday, June 13, 2009

Phone Cards for European Travel

The summer travel season is fast approaching and many Americans will be heading to Europe for vacation despite the weak economy. If fact, there are some good deals to be had on air travel, hotels and rental cars because of the weak economy in most locations around the world. We were recently in Moscow and paid ½ the rate we paid 6 months ago for the same hotel room.

Most people will want to call home a few times during a trip abroad so it is a good idea to carry a phone card. We suggest purchasing a phone card before you leave home because you have more time to shop (on-line) and choose the right phone card for your trip. You will likely find a better quality card at a better price than if you wait and purchase one abroad at a hotel, airport or other location frequented by tourists. Most on-line international phone card merchants provide customers with an on-line account. This is a handy feature for travelers because they can access their account via the internet from any location in the world to find a local access number, add funds or make other changes to their account. Many on-line phone cards also include other handy features like Speed Dial, PIN free dialing and call history that make international calling much easier.

We have a couple of phone card recommendations for people who want to make cheap calls to the USA or other locations from Europe. The first phone card we would recommend is a new card called Solaris. It has high user ratings for quality and has a wide range of local and toll free access numbers in every European country. It can be used to make cheap international calls from over 100 countries so it has very wide coverage and is ideal for people who plan to visit several countries during a trip. It also has no maintenance or connection fee and some of the lowest rates on international calls. Another high quality phone card is Continental. It can be used to make cheap calls from over 60 countries. The continental card comes with several features like speed dial, call history and PIN free dialing which makes it very convenient to use. Smart Global Call Phone Cards International sells these and other high quality calling cards.

People who want to make cheap calls to Europe have a wider range of options. Rates are generally cheaper on international calls from the USA or Canada to Europe than they are from Europe to the USA or Canada. Therefore, it is cheaper to make calls that originate in North America if possible. This is not always possible so a high quality phone card is the next best option.