Friday, May 1, 2009

Tel3Advantage Mother's Day Promotion

Visit Tel3Advantage and sign-up for prepaid long-distance phone service during the Mother's Day promotion period and get twice the normal sign-up bonus. The promotion lasts through May 10, 2009. During this time new customers can get up to 946 free minutes just for signing up for the Tel3Advantage Flex Plan. There is no cost to sign-up, all a new customer needs to do is open an account and make an initial deposit ($10 - $100). Then they will receive bonus funds that can be used to make free calls. The funds deposited the more bonus funds a new customer receives as shown below.

Deposit $10 and get $2 in Bonus Funds

Deposit $25 and get $10 in Bonus Funds

Deposit $50 and get $14 in Bonus Funds

Deposit $100 and get $18 in Bonus Funds

Not a bad deal considering Tel3Advantage offers the most popular prepaid calling plan in North America. The flex plan has over 100,000 active customers who routinely use the service to make low cost domestic and international long distance phone calls. They can use the service from any kind of phone (cell, home, business, etc.) without changing companies. The Tel3Advantage plan will work with any existing service. It is convenient to use and very easy to make calls. The service can be used from the USA and Canada. Tel3Advantage is an honest calling plan with no hidden fees or taxes. This can be verified through an on line call history in every customers personal on-line account that records the length and cost for each call. Now is a great time to try Tel3Advantage and see why they have more than 100,000 active customers.

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