Friday, May 15, 2009

Prepaid Phone Cards have made International Calling Easier

The cost of calling overseas remains high, which is frustrating for both parties involved. In our day and age more of us are travelling, going on holiday and even permanently moving abroad so it goes without saying that we will want to keep in touch with our loved ones back home. This however is hard to do, especially with the constant rise in the cost of living and the growing recession that we are facing. Thankfully however you can keep in touch with your loved ones without the worry of expense bills by making international calls with the help of a pre-paid phone card.

If you are travelling or if you need to keep in touch with your family abroad then the use of an international pre-paid phone card will provide you with substantial savings on your phone bill. It is a cheap and comfortable way in which to communicate and they are constantly available in convenient places such as newsstands, post offices and general stores. This means that you are able to talk to your loved ones at any time of the day or night.

Pre-paid phone cards, or as they are otherwise known, calling cards provide you with cheap international calls. They are the ideal choice of people who wish to make a long distance international call at an affordable rate without having to change their telephone provider. Some of the main users of the card are travelers, students and anyone who makes international calls on a regular basis. So how exactly do these pre-paid international calling cards work?

The market that offers pre-paid phone cards is a large one; it can offer products that fit everyone’s needs. There are a lot of calling cards available and each one differs when it comes to prices and services. Each of the cards will offer you different features so you will have to choose one depending on your calling needs. For example the phone card Champion can save you 10% and has very low fees. It has lowest rates on calls to Asian locations and can be used to make low cost calls from the USA and Canada. Another example is the calling card known as Royal. This international card saves you 7% but has the lowest rates on calls from Canada and most countries.

Once you have decided on the card that you will be using for your international calling you will receive a PIN number and access codes. In order to use the card you will need to dial your local access number and follow the instructions, you will then have to enter your PIN. Once you have, done this you will be informed of your balance and the amount of minutes that you have left, after which you will be able to enter your chosen phone number. Now several premium phone cards do not require a PIN code when placing calls. These PIN Free phone cards are much easier to use when making international phone calls because the caller does not need to dial as many numbers.

Using a phone card can reduce your monthly phone bill by as much as 90%. Especially for those who make frequent international calls. These cards have grown in popularity because of the explosive growth in mobile phone use, because lets face it, mobile communication is a massive part of everyone’s lives.

So if you are planning a trip abroad make sure a pre-paid international phone card is the first thing you buy, you’ll be amazed at the amount of money you save!

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