Sunday, April 26, 2009

Cheap International Calling with VoIP

Science and technology has helped a lot in improving communication among people. After using old-fashioned telephones for communication, we are now witnessing rapid developments in telecommunication; one example is the arrival of VoIP or Voice Over Internet Protocol.

Today, with the ready availability of high-speed air transport, members of numerous families are scattered all over the globe. Not long ago, making calls to loved ones abroad was a very expensive affair. Many had to sacrifice communication for fear of spending large sums of money on phone calls. However, now with VoIP, you can talk cost-effectively with your family members wherever they live.

You can get VoIP services free if you are willing to put up with call restrictions and other inconveniences. If you would like a more customized and convenient option, you can register with a VoIP service provider offering low cost call rates. There are there are several websites that offer VoIP phone service, phone cards and other options for making cheap international phone calls. There is a variety of VoIP service providers with offering different packages so there is likely one to fit every need. To become a VoIP subscriber, you need to register online with these websites.

The following are some websites that offer VoIP services and information on International Calling options:

Smart Global Call - This website provides information on cheap international calling options so it is a good source of information. They cover everything from phone cards to VoIP and PC-to-Phone services involving the internet.

Lingo – this VoIP service provider offers a very popular international plan. International calls are free to Canada and most countries in Western Europe. They also provide a large number of features (calling waiting, call forwarding, etc.) at no additional cost.

ViaTalk– Offers a very low cost VoIP calling plan but it is prepaid. It is a very good for people who want to replace their home phone service and make unlimited long distance calls within the USA and Canada. Their international rates to other locations are low but not the best.

Skype – Offers a free PC-to-Phone service if you make pc-to-pc calls to other subscribers. It is not a very convenient service since both parties need to have a PC and their PC-to-Phone rates are higher than other methods of making international calls like phone cards or traditional VoIP.

The advantage of using VoIP services for cheap international calls is that it has made it possible to make calls for very minimal rates and even free with some service providers. To make free calls to a person, you should use your computer to call his/her computer. To do this, both you and the person at the other end will need a computer with a broadband Internet connection, a headset, along with an account with a service provider like Skype, MSN, yahoo etc.

Despite the advantages of VoIP, there are also some disadvantages. For example, you will need a high-speed INTERNET connection and the phone will not work if the INTERNET service is down. The international calling rates also vary a lot between countries and between VoIP service providers. Be sure and research plans so you can find the one with the best rates to the countries you call the most. Some VoIP providers also require long-term contracts and other commitments so be aware of these since some have penalties for early cancellations. Despite these small inconveniences, most people can save a lot of money by using VoIP. Especially if they already have a high-speed INTERNET connection.

There are various VoIP plans to choose from. You will have to pay a fixed subscription fee based on the package selected but these are low compared to similar service packages from the traditional phone companies. Each scheme covers a particular number of countries, so you can select the scheme based on the countries you want to call. And there is no chance of exorbitant billing as far as you stick to the countries that you have picked.

Most VoIP service plans include an array of other features at no additional cost. They typically include features like voice mail, call waiting, call forwarding, caller ID etc. With so many consumer friendly features, VoIP is indeed a better option compared to the usual land-line telephones. No wonders more and more people are going for VoIP communication. So, if you are searching for a cheap international calling option, it is as simple as finding a VoIP service provider that suits your requirements and you will never again have to worry about inflated telephone bills.

Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Easter Holiday - Phone Card Discount

Smart Global Call International Phone Cards announced today that they are having an Easter Sale on all of the phone cards offered on their website. All shoppers need to do is visit Phone Card Coupon and purchase any phone card they want. They will receive a 10% discount on any card they purchase with a face value over $10. Smart Global Call offers a wide range of phone cards that can be used to make low cost calls from over 130 countries. They also have many premium phone cards with features like call history, speed dial and PIN free dialing. This special offer will last until April 16, 2009.

Thursday, April 2, 2009

Cheap International Calls to Nigeria

Nigeria is one of the most popular international destinations called from the USA. In 2006, the total minutes used calling Nigeria from the USA represented over 13% of the total international minutes used calling to Africa. A large number of calls are placed to Nigeria from the USA each year and the number keeps increasing.

There are a lot of low cost options for making international calls to Nigeria. These range from PC to Phone to cheap international phone cards to VoIP or dial around long distance service. We have surveyed many of these options and have found one of the most popular methods is Tel3Advantage. We think they are popular because they offer low rates, high call quality and convenience. The Tel3 Advantage virtual phone card can be used to make cheap international calls from any kind of telephone without changing service providers. It is also easy to use since there is no need to dial account numbers or PIN codes when making a phone call. This makes it an especially attractive option for people who make a lot of international phone calls.

Tel3Advantage is currently offering rates as low as 6.3 cents per minute on calls to Nigeria (to landlines in Akure). Rates to cell phones in Nigeria are a low 14 cents per minute. These rates are being offered to new customers who sign-up by visiting Tel3Advantage Triple Promo or by calling 800 441 0321 and asking for the Triple Bonus. Along with low rates, Tel3 offers a full range of features including speed dial, on-line call history and the ability to add up to 10 phones to one account. People who make a lot of international calls should give Tel3Advantage a try during this special promotion.