Monday, March 9, 2009

Verizon (MCI) Phone Card Announces New Lower Rates

Verizon (MCI) has announced a 60% rate reduction on their MCI World Traveler Phone Card. The card can be purchased in denominations of12.50, $50 and $100. The $12.50 MCI phone card is currently on sale for $10, a 20% discount. Visit MCI World Traveler for more details.

The MCI World Traveler phone card is a premium quality card that can be used to make low cost international calls from more than 130 countries. MCI has recently added 43 more countries the list. The card features a one-minute rounding interval and the highest call quality. The rates are still not super cheap by phone card standards. For example, a call from the USA to Western Europe is around 5.75 cents per minute versus around 2 or 3 cents per minute for a high quality phone card. However, even with a higher rate, the MCI World Traveler Phone Card is a useful card for many people, especially travelers, since it has a very wide coverage and top quality customer service. It is okay to pay 2 or 3 extra cents per minute while on a trip if you get reliable, high quality service. The MCI Card can also be used to call the USA from Guam, Alaska and Hawaii at a low 6.1 cent per minute rate.

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