Thursday, March 26, 2009

Tel3 Advantage New Customer Promotions

Tel3Advantage has two on-going promotions for new customers. One is their standard promotion offered to all visitors to their website where they advertise up to 473 Free Minutes on sign-up. The other promo is offered through a special link and is called the Tel3Advantage Triple Promotion. The following is a discussion of the two options.

Tel3Advatage Standard Sign-up Bonus

A new customer who signs up using the standard promotion will get bonus money added to their prepaid account. They can use this bonus money to make calls to any location they wish at the standard Tel3Advantage rates. The amount of bonus money they receive depends on the amount of real money they deposit in their account according to the following schedule.

Initial Deposit/ Bonus Received

$10/ $0

$25/ $5

$50 /$7

$100 /$9

Tel3Advantage does not charge any fees or taxes and the account will never expire as long as it is periodically used so the best deal for most people is to deposit the maximum amount and receive the $9 bonus. However, most people sign-up and prepay only $10 or $25 because they want to try the service or they do not plan to use it very much. These people usually wish they would have deposited the maximum amount after trying the service but it is, of course, too late. People can learn more bout Tel3Advantage or sign-up by visiting the Tel3Advantage website or calling 800 441 0321.

Tel3Advantage Triple Bonus Promotion

A new customer who signs up using the Triple Bonus Promotion gets bonus money added to their account and also receives a 30% discount on calls for the first 30 days after they open their account. They can use the bonus money to make free calls at the discounted rate. Like with the standard bonus, the amount of bonus money received depends on the amount of money deposited into the account when it is opened according to the following schedule.

Initial Deposit/ Bonus Received

$10/ $0

$25/ $3

$50/ $6

$100/ $9

It does not take a lot of analysis to conclude that the new Triple Bonus is the best deal for most people. Especially those people who plan to use Tel3Advantage to make a lot of calls or those who make calls to high cost locations. Those who want to open an account for $50 or $100 should also use the new Triple Bonus promotion since they will get the same or similar cash bonus and also get a 30% discount on all calls they make for the first 30 days. It is hard to beat this promotion. New customers can sign up for the Triple Bonus by visiting Tel3Advantage Triple or calling 800 441 0321 and asking for the triple bonus.

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