Monday, March 2, 2009

Save Money on Home Phone Service with a Prepaid VoIP Phone

How much are you paying for home phone service each month? Is it more than $25, $50 or even $100 per month? In any case it is likely more than $10 per month. Some VoIP service providers are currently offering prepaid VoIP phone service with around 40 features and unlimited long distance calling in the USA and Canada for less than $10 per month. That is right, less than $10 per month. Hard to believe but true and, in most cases, equipment is provided free of charge. Most of these plans include the usual features which number around 40 and include things like caller ID, voicemail, call waiting, e911 support and caller return. Customers will need high speed INTERNET in order to use these VoIP phone services but a lot of people already have DSL or broadband connections. If so, there are some great deals out there on VoIP service. We mention a couple of them below. There are other VoIP service providers so shop around before making a purchase. This is especially true if you plan to make international calls since rates on overseas calls vary significantly between VoIP providers.

The following two VoIP Phone Service options are about the best we have found.

The first is from Via Talk. They are offering one of the best deals in the market today. For a prepayment of $199, you will get two VoIP lines (phones) for one year. They are currently offering one year Free for new customers so you will get two VoIP phones for 2 years for $199. Each VoIP phone features unlimited calling in the USA and Canada for a mere $4.14 per month (each). This is simply the best deal in the market today.

Another company offering prepaid VoIP is Joi Phone. These are especially good for people who want to make international phone calls. They offer several low cost international packages that feature unlimited calling to various countries. There basic plan costs only $8.95 per month (when prepaid for one year) and it features unlimited calling to 9 countries.

Prepaid VoIP service is an attractive option for some people but it does carry risks. A case in point was the sudden bankruptcy of SunRocket VoIP in July, 2007. They offered cheap prepaid VoIP service and left many of their customers holding the bag or, in this case, the phone....

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