Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Save an Astonishing 96.5% on Long Distance Service by Switching to Prepaid?

The Utility Consumers’ Action Network (UCAN) reported on Monday, March 9, 2009, that average phone users are spending far more on long distance service than they, or the regulators, realize. This finding was reported in an article posted on the UCAN website entitled Consumers Overspending on Telecom Bills. In the article, the author summarizes the results of a recent survey conducted by UCAN on 700 “relatively savvy consumers” in the San Diego, California area. The following quote from the report summarizes the conclusions.

According to the survey, long-distance charges have increased on average to 55 cents a minute, and just 8% of land line customers are paying less than 10 cents a minute. The discrepancy between the actual usage charges and what consumers pay is traced to the complex -- and often confusing -- plans that are used by many consumers.”

The results from this survey suggests that if consumers use prepaid long distance than they could save up to 96.5% on long distance service with no sacrifice to call quality or convenience. This conclusion is based on published rates for the Tel3Advantage prepaid long distance plan. Consumers can use Tel3Advantage without changing their existing phone service provider and it can be used with any kind of telephone. Up to 10 different phones can be included in one account, so, one prepaid plan can be used with an individual’s home, cell and business phones without changing anything. As a result, users could save over 96% on their long distance phone service with no pain. A prepaid calling plan is also a great way to budget and minimize phone expenses since consumers can purchase minutes in small denominations and they can be used over a long period of time. A plan like the flex plan offered by Tel3Advantage has no monthly maintenance fee or other hidden costs so consumers only pay for the minutes they actually use.

The rates charged for calls using the Tel3Advantage flex plan are dirt cheap. Long distance calls to destinations in the USA and Canada cost only 1.9 cents per minute. International rates vary by country but rates to more than 200 countries are less than 10 cents per minute. Compare these rates with those reported in the UCAN study and it is obvious that the average consumer can save a lot of money by changing to prepaid long distance phone service.

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