Sunday, March 15, 2009

Cheap International Calls to Afghanistan

Afghanistan has become a very popular destination for making international calls from North America for obvious reasons. Therefore, we did some research on options for making cheap calls to Afghanistan and came to the following conclusions.

Like with all international destinations, the best option for making calls to Afghanistan depends on the individual situation. If both parties have a personal computer and a high quality INTERNET connection than PC-to-Phone service is likely the cheapest option since it is free if calls are made from one PC to another. However, it is inconvenient, since both parties need to be in front of their PC's in order to make Free Calls and PC-to-Phone service is rather expensive if it is used to call land-lines or cell phones in another country. For example, Skype charges over 35 cents per minute to make international calls to land lines or cell phones in Afghanistan. This rate is outrageous compared to other, more convenient options. As with most locations, PC-to-Phone service should only be used to make calls between personal computers. There are much better and cheaper options for making calls to land-lines or mobile phones.

For Afghanistan, the lowest cost options include Tel3Advantage or prepaid phone cards from Smart Global Call. Calls to land-lines in Afghanistan from North America will cost about 15 cents per-minute using either of these options. Calls to Afghan cell phones will cost just over 18 cents per-minute with Tel3 and just over 20 cents using phone cards. The only catch is that the Tel3Advantage quoted rates include all fees and taxes while the phone card rates do not. The phone card rates will be around 25% higher due to hidden fees and taxes.

We think the best option for calling land-lines or cell phones in Afghanistan is Tel3Advantage. They are currently offering a Triple Bonus promotion which makes this option especially appealing. Visit Tel3Advantage to sign-up and receive the Triple Bonus Promo or simply call 800 441 0321 and ask for the "Triple Bonus". Tel3Advantage features the highest call quality and a full range of added features at no additional cost. There is no contract or added fees and Tel3Advantage can be used from any phone without changing service providers. They also offer the much lower rates on calls to Afghanistan than other on-line prepaid calling plans like Pingo or Penny Talk. The rate with Pingo is 23 cents and Penny Talk charges a whopping 30 cents per-minute. Both Pingo and Penny Talk also charge additional hidden fees which makes their advertised rates even higher. If you plan to make international calls from North America to land-lines or cell phones in Afghanistan than Tel3Advantage is by far the best option.

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