Thursday, March 5, 2009

Budget Phone Expenses with Prepaid Long Distance

In today’s economy many people are trying to control expenditures and one way to do so is to use prepaid services. With prepaid services a consumer can purchase a predetermined amount of a service and the service will automatically stop when the amount purchased is depleted. Therefore, it is very easy to control expenses and impossible to over run a budget.

Prepaid long distance phone service in the form of prepaid phone cards has been popular with students, expatriates and travelers for a number of years. This is an especially popular option with those who want to make frequent and cheap international calls. However, now there appears to be more interest from mainstream users since prepaid long distance is a great way to budget phone expenses. There is a wide variety of options which range from very cheap, plastic phone cards purchased at local convenience stores to relatively high quality virtual calling plans sold on the INTERNET. The market currently offers an option to fit any budget and fill any need. For example, Tel3Advantage has been offering low cost prepaid long distance phone service to consumers since 1994 but they have recently started offering Tel3 for Business and Tel3 Mobile. These products contain special features that fill a need in these niche markets while providing them with low cost prepaid phone service. Tel3 services are especially attractive to people or businesses that want to budget long distance expenses while reducing costs and not sacrificing quality or service. Tel3Advantage customers can budget long distance expenses in two ways. First, they can prepay for a fixed amount of long distance service. Second, they can monitor their usage through a call history which is included in their on-line account. Tel3Advantage prepaid long distance has made it easy for people to budget and control long distance phone expenses.

There are also a wide variety of international phone cards which come in all shapes and sizes. These are very useful for budgeting expenses because they also come in a wide variety of denominations. It is very easy to find a denomination to fit any budgeting need. For example, if you want to spend a maximum of $10 per week on long distance calls simply purchase a phone card with a $10 face value each week. Phone cards are typically sold in $3, $5, $10, $20, $50 and $100 denominations so there is one for every budget. They can also be conveniently purchased and safely held in an on-line account these days so phone cards offer convenience, flexibility, low cost and the ability to budget expenses.

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