Thursday, March 26, 2009

Tel3 Advantage New Customer Promotions

Tel3Advantage has two on-going promotions for new customers. One is their standard promotion offered to all visitors to their website where they advertise up to 473 Free Minutes on sign-up. The other promo is offered through a special link and is called the Tel3Advantage Triple Promotion. The following is a discussion of the two options.

Tel3Advatage Standard Sign-up Bonus

A new customer who signs up using the standard promotion will get bonus money added to their prepaid account. They can use this bonus money to make calls to any location they wish at the standard Tel3Advantage rates. The amount of bonus money they receive depends on the amount of real money they deposit in their account according to the following schedule.

Initial Deposit/ Bonus Received

$10/ $0

$25/ $5

$50 /$7

$100 /$9

Tel3Advantage does not charge any fees or taxes and the account will never expire as long as it is periodically used so the best deal for most people is to deposit the maximum amount and receive the $9 bonus. However, most people sign-up and prepay only $10 or $25 because they want to try the service or they do not plan to use it very much. These people usually wish they would have deposited the maximum amount after trying the service but it is, of course, too late. People can learn more bout Tel3Advantage or sign-up by visiting the Tel3Advantage website or calling 800 441 0321.

Tel3Advantage Triple Bonus Promotion

A new customer who signs up using the Triple Bonus Promotion gets bonus money added to their account and also receives a 30% discount on calls for the first 30 days after they open their account. They can use the bonus money to make free calls at the discounted rate. Like with the standard bonus, the amount of bonus money received depends on the amount of money deposited into the account when it is opened according to the following schedule.

Initial Deposit/ Bonus Received

$10/ $0

$25/ $3

$50/ $6

$100/ $9

It does not take a lot of analysis to conclude that the new Triple Bonus is the best deal for most people. Especially those people who plan to use Tel3Advantage to make a lot of calls or those who make calls to high cost locations. Those who want to open an account for $50 or $100 should also use the new Triple Bonus promotion since they will get the same or similar cash bonus and also get a 30% discount on all calls they make for the first 30 days. It is hard to beat this promotion. New customers can sign up for the Triple Bonus by visiting Tel3Advantage Triple or calling 800 441 0321 and asking for the triple bonus.

Consumer can visit cheap international calling to learn more about Tel3Advantage, phone cards and other options for making cheap long distance phone calls.

Sunday, March 22, 2009

Tips on How to Use a Prepaid Phone Card

Most people know how to use a prepaid phone card by now. However, a few people have never used one so this post is for their benefit. Most of the time, prepaid phone cards are used by dialing what is called an access number, a special phone number, which allows a user to access the phone card service providers system. Some service providers have a network of access numbers and others have only one access number, these can be toll free numbers or what are referred to as local access numbers requiring users to pay the call. In any case, prepaid phone cards are used by first accessing the service providers system.

The following are the steps typically required when using a prepaid phone card.

Step 1: Dial a toll free or local access number in order to access the service providers system. Access numbers should be provided when the phone card is purchased.

Step 2: The caller identifies himself or herself to the system. This can be done by entering a special series of numbers provided with the phone card providers system, called a PIN code, or in the case of PIN Free phone cards the system will automatically ID the caller using caller ID technology.

Step 3: The caller dials the number they wish to call. Phone cards from the North America will require the caller to enter the prefix 011 when making overseas phone calls or the prefix 1 when making a domestic long distance phone call.

As indicated above, the mechanics of using a phone card are simple. However, there are a few things to consider when shopping for a phone card. For example, do you really want to enter a complex PIN code each time you place a call. This may not be a nuisance if you only intend to make a couple of calls but if you plan to use the phone card for multiple calls or for an extended period-of-time than a PIN free phone card should be considered. It is interesting to note that phone cards from major telecommunication companies like MCI or AT&T often do not have PIN Free Dialing or other features. These phone cards typically charge high rates and have good call quality but there are phone cards with similar call quality that are more appropriate for long-term use.

Another important consideration when making a phone card purchase is the access number network. Be sure that the phone card being considered has an access number in the country where you plan to use the card. This is often a problem when a phone card is purchased in the USA and used overseas. Most phone cards have a limited range of coverage. They can only be used to place calls from certain countries and, in some cases, they can only be used to make calls to certain locations. Be sure to purchase cards that have the required coverage.

Another important consideration is the location and type of access numbers used by a phone card. Many phone cards charge extra for using toll free access numbers and these extra charges are usually not included in the advertised rates. It is usually cheaper to use a local access number so check to see if one is available in the area where you plan to use a phone card.

Phone cards are relatively simple products to use but even simple products require some thought and investigation before making a purchase. A virtual phone card like Tel3Advantage should be consider when making calls from North America because it offers high call quality and a full range of features including PIN free dialing and an on-line call history. It is a popular product for people who routinely make international phone calls from North America and want to save money and still have quality, convenience and flexibility.

Sunday, March 15, 2009

Cheap International Calls to Afghanistan

Afghanistan has become a very popular destination for making international calls from North America for obvious reasons. Therefore, we did some research on options for making cheap calls to Afghanistan and came to the following conclusions.

Like with all international destinations, the best option for making calls to Afghanistan depends on the individual situation. If both parties have a personal computer and a high quality INTERNET connection than PC-to-Phone service is likely the cheapest option since it is free if calls are made from one PC to another. However, it is inconvenient, since both parties need to be in front of their PC's in order to make Free Calls and PC-to-Phone service is rather expensive if it is used to call land-lines or cell phones in another country. For example, Skype charges over 35 cents per minute to make international calls to land lines or cell phones in Afghanistan. This rate is outrageous compared to other, more convenient options. As with most locations, PC-to-Phone service should only be used to make calls between personal computers. There are much better and cheaper options for making calls to land-lines or mobile phones.

For Afghanistan, the lowest cost options include Tel3Advantage or prepaid phone cards from Smart Global Call. Calls to land-lines in Afghanistan from North America will cost about 15 cents per-minute using either of these options. Calls to Afghan cell phones will cost just over 18 cents per-minute with Tel3 and just over 20 cents using phone cards. The only catch is that the Tel3Advantage quoted rates include all fees and taxes while the phone card rates do not. The phone card rates will be around 25% higher due to hidden fees and taxes.

We think the best option for calling land-lines or cell phones in Afghanistan is Tel3Advantage. They are currently offering a Triple Bonus promotion which makes this option especially appealing. Visit Tel3Advantage to sign-up and receive the Triple Bonus Promo or simply call 800 441 0321 and ask for the "Triple Bonus". Tel3Advantage features the highest call quality and a full range of added features at no additional cost. There is no contract or added fees and Tel3Advantage can be used from any phone without changing service providers. They also offer the much lower rates on calls to Afghanistan than other on-line prepaid calling plans like Pingo or Penny Talk. The rate with Pingo is 23 cents and Penny Talk charges a whopping 30 cents per-minute. Both Pingo and Penny Talk also charge additional hidden fees which makes their advertised rates even higher. If you plan to make international calls from North America to land-lines or cell phones in Afghanistan than Tel3Advantage is by far the best option.

Thursday, March 12, 2009

Tel3Advantage St. Patrik's Day Promotion

Tel3 Advantage has announced a special promotion in celebration of St. Patrick's Day. Customers who open a new account between March 12 and March 18, 2009 will receive Double the normal sign-up bonus. What does this mean? Open a new Tel3Advantage Flex Plan account during this time and receive the following bonus.

1. Deposit $10 and Tel3 will add $2 free.
2. Deposit $25 and Tel3 will add $10 Free.
3. Deposit $50 and Tel3 will add $14 Free.
4. Deposit $100 and Tel3 will add $18 Free.

Now is the time to try Tel3 Advantage and start saving money on your long distance calls. Visit Tel3Advantage or call 800 441 0321 to sign-up. The Tel3Advantage Flex Plan can be used from any phone (Cell, home or business) in Canada or the USA to make low cost domestic or international long distance calls. There are no contracts, monthly fees or anything to change. Just start saving money and get a nice bonus.

Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Save an Astonishing 96.5% on Long Distance Service by Switching to Prepaid?

The Utility Consumers’ Action Network (UCAN) reported on Monday, March 9, 2009, that average phone users are spending far more on long distance service than they, or the regulators, realize. This finding was reported in an article posted on the UCAN website entitled Consumers Overspending on Telecom Bills. In the article, the author summarizes the results of a recent survey conducted by UCAN on 700 “relatively savvy consumers” in the San Diego, California area. The following quote from the report summarizes the conclusions.

According to the survey, long-distance charges have increased on average to 55 cents a minute, and just 8% of land line customers are paying less than 10 cents a minute. The discrepancy between the actual usage charges and what consumers pay is traced to the complex -- and often confusing -- plans that are used by many consumers.”

The results from this survey suggests that if consumers use prepaid long distance than they could save up to 96.5% on long distance service with no sacrifice to call quality or convenience. This conclusion is based on published rates for the Tel3Advantage prepaid long distance plan. Consumers can use Tel3Advantage without changing their existing phone service provider and it can be used with any kind of telephone. Up to 10 different phones can be included in one account, so, one prepaid plan can be used with an individual’s home, cell and business phones without changing anything. As a result, users could save over 96% on their long distance phone service with no pain. A prepaid calling plan is also a great way to budget and minimize phone expenses since consumers can purchase minutes in small denominations and they can be used over a long period of time. A plan like the flex plan offered by Tel3Advantage has no monthly maintenance fee or other hidden costs so consumers only pay for the minutes they actually use.

The rates charged for calls using the Tel3Advantage flex plan are dirt cheap. Long distance calls to destinations in the USA and Canada cost only 1.9 cents per minute. International rates vary by country but rates to more than 200 countries are less than 10 cents per minute. Compare these rates with those reported in the UCAN study and it is obvious that the average consumer can save a lot of money by changing to prepaid long distance phone service.

Monday, March 9, 2009

Verizon (MCI) Phone Card Announces New Lower Rates

Verizon (MCI) has announced a 60% rate reduction on their MCI World Traveler Phone Card. The card can be purchased in denominations of12.50, $50 and $100. The $12.50 MCI phone card is currently on sale for $10, a 20% discount. Visit MCI World Traveler for more details.

The MCI World Traveler phone card is a premium quality card that can be used to make low cost international calls from more than 130 countries. MCI has recently added 43 more countries the list. The card features a one-minute rounding interval and the highest call quality. The rates are still not super cheap by phone card standards. For example, a call from the USA to Western Europe is around 5.75 cents per minute versus around 2 or 3 cents per minute for a high quality phone card. However, even with a higher rate, the MCI World Traveler Phone Card is a useful card for many people, especially travelers, since it has a very wide coverage and top quality customer service. It is okay to pay 2 or 3 extra cents per minute while on a trip if you get reliable, high quality service. The MCI Card can also be used to call the USA from Guam, Alaska and Hawaii at a low 6.1 cent per minute rate.

Thursday, March 5, 2009

Budget Phone Expenses with Prepaid Long Distance

In today’s economy many people are trying to control expenditures and one way to do so is to use prepaid services. With prepaid services a consumer can purchase a predetermined amount of a service and the service will automatically stop when the amount purchased is depleted. Therefore, it is very easy to control expenses and impossible to over run a budget.

Prepaid long distance phone service in the form of prepaid phone cards has been popular with students, expatriates and travelers for a number of years. This is an especially popular option with those who want to make frequent and cheap international calls. However, now there appears to be more interest from mainstream users since prepaid long distance is a great way to budget phone expenses. There is a wide variety of options which range from very cheap, plastic phone cards purchased at local convenience stores to relatively high quality virtual calling plans sold on the INTERNET. The market currently offers an option to fit any budget and fill any need. For example, Tel3Advantage has been offering low cost prepaid long distance phone service to consumers since 1994 but they have recently started offering Tel3 for Business and Tel3 Mobile. These products contain special features that fill a need in these niche markets while providing them with low cost prepaid phone service. Tel3 services are especially attractive to people or businesses that want to budget long distance expenses while reducing costs and not sacrificing quality or service. Tel3Advantage customers can budget long distance expenses in two ways. First, they can prepay for a fixed amount of long distance service. Second, they can monitor their usage through a call history which is included in their on-line account. Tel3Advantage prepaid long distance has made it easy for people to budget and control long distance phone expenses.

There are also a wide variety of international phone cards which come in all shapes and sizes. These are very useful for budgeting expenses because they also come in a wide variety of denominations. It is very easy to find a denomination to fit any budgeting need. For example, if you want to spend a maximum of $10 per week on long distance calls simply purchase a phone card with a $10 face value each week. Phone cards are typically sold in $3, $5, $10, $20, $50 and $100 denominations so there is one for every budget. They can also be conveniently purchased and safely held in an on-line account these days so phone cards offer convenience, flexibility, low cost and the ability to budget expenses.

Monday, March 2, 2009

Save Money on Home Phone Service with a Prepaid VoIP Phone

How much are you paying for home phone service each month? Is it more than $25, $50 or even $100 per month? In any case it is likely more than $10 per month. Some VoIP service providers are currently offering prepaid VoIP phone service with around 40 features and unlimited long distance calling in the USA and Canada for less than $10 per month. That is right, less than $10 per month. Hard to believe but true and, in most cases, equipment is provided free of charge. Most of these plans include the usual features which number around 40 and include things like caller ID, voicemail, call waiting, e911 support and caller return. Customers will need high speed INTERNET in order to use these VoIP phone services but a lot of people already have DSL or broadband connections. If so, there are some great deals out there on VoIP service. We mention a couple of them below. There are other VoIP service providers so shop around before making a purchase. This is especially true if you plan to make international calls since rates on overseas calls vary significantly between VoIP providers.

The following two VoIP Phone Service options are about the best we have found.

The first is from Via Talk. They are offering one of the best deals in the market today. For a prepayment of $199, you will get two VoIP lines (phones) for one year. They are currently offering one year Free for new customers so you will get two VoIP phones for 2 years for $199. Each VoIP phone features unlimited calling in the USA and Canada for a mere $4.14 per month (each). This is simply the best deal in the market today.

Another company offering prepaid VoIP is Joi Phone. These are especially good for people who want to make international phone calls. They offer several low cost international packages that feature unlimited calling to various countries. There basic plan costs only $8.95 per month (when prepaid for one year) and it features unlimited calling to 9 countries.

Prepaid VoIP service is an attractive option for some people but it does carry risks. A case in point was the sudden bankruptcy of SunRocket VoIP in July, 2007. They offered cheap prepaid VoIP service and left many of their customers holding the bag or, in this case, the phone....