Sunday, February 22, 2009

Phone Cards with PIN Free Access

More and more online merchants are offering phone cards with PIN free access. These cards can be used to make calls without dialing an account number or PIN code. In order to use the PIN free dialing feature a user needs to register the phone numbers they plan to make calls from. Then a user simply dials an access number from one of their registered phones and places a call without dialing a PIN code. Making international calls is much easier because the numbers a user must enter is minimized. Making calls is much easier, faster and the chance of entering incorrect numbers is reduced.

Phone cards with PIN free access are becoming more common because they are much easier to use and many consumers will no longer purchase or even consider phone cards which require the entry of PIN codes. Phone card marketers have taken notice and are offering more cards with the PIN Free Access features. This use to be a feature only offered by premium prepaid long distance plans like Tel3Advantage but it is now offered by many low cost competitors.

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