Saturday, February 14, 2009

Phone Card Features - Balance Transfer

How many times have you purchased a phone card with great rates to one location but you used it to call another location and found it to be outrageously expensive? This is a common problem with many international phone cards. They tend to be regional or country specific. Either, they can only be used to call to or from certain countries or locations or they tend to their rates are country or region specific. To get around these limitations, many international callers use a high quality prepaid calling plan like Tel3Advantage which has good rates to most international locations but there is another way.

Some phone card marketers like Smart Global Call International Phone Cards provide their customer a free balance transfer feature. Using this option a customer can transfer an unused balance from one phone card to another. This handy feature has several possible uses. Some of these are listed below:

  • A traveler purchases a phone card to call the USA from Italy but moves to Moscow, Russia and finds that the card does not work. Using the balance transfer feature the remaining balance can simply be transferred to another card that can be used to make calls from Moscow.
  • A caller purchases a phone card to call a friend in Brazil. The caller than wants to call another friend in Japan but finds that the card can not be used to call Japan or has lousy rates. No problem, using balance transfer the remaining calling card balance can be transferred to another card with good rates on calls to Japan.
  • Another use is to save money by taking advantage of special deals. Smart Global Call usually offers one or two of their phone cards at a 10% discount. A shopper can purchase one of these phone cards and than transfer the balance to another phone card, saving 10% on any phone card.

This is a handy feature that covers a wide range of possibilities since Smart Global Call markets more than 30 different phone cards that can be used to make calls to or from more than 230 countries. Saving money on international calls has never been easier.

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