Wednesday, December 24, 2008

Phone Card Holiday Sale

Smart Global Call International Phone Cards are featuring a phone card sale that will last through January 5th. During this time customers will save 10% on the purchase of a phone card with a face value of $20 or more. In order to get the 10% discount it is necessary to use the following link: Phone Card Sale

Why purchase phone cards from Smart Global Call? They offer a full line of high quality phone cards with low fees. Most of their phone cards come with features like PIN free dialing, call history and speed dial at no extra charge. Their cards can also be used from more than 200 countries. They offer brands like AT&T, Simply, Continental, Jupiter, Saturn, Golden Lotus, Bizon, Cardinal and more. Each customers receives a free virtual account where they can manage and monitor their phone cards. Smart Global Call also allows customers to transfer balances between phone cards. This is a great feature which allows customers to experiment with different cards and get the best rates to all of the locations they call.

Smart Global Call also fully discloses all fees and taxes associated with every phone card they sell in an easy to read format. The website has an easy to use phone card search tool so shoppers can easily find the best phone card for each location. Also, all phone cards sold by Smart Global Call are rated by users so it is easy to shop for the highest quality phone cards.

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