Sunday, November 2, 2008

Tel3 Mobile: Cell Phone Quality International Calls at Calling Card Rates

Tel3 has just introduced a new low cost prepaid international calling plan specifically designed for Smart Phone users. This plan combines the convenience, flexibility and low cost of the traditional Tel3Advantage Flex Plan with high-grade mobile service. The result, Smart Phone users can make cheap international calls with no loss in call quality or convenience. Use Tel3 Mobile service with any existing mobile service provider without changing anything. There is also no contract or other long-term obligation.

Tel3 has been in the prepaid calling business since 1994 and is a leader in marketing low cost prepaid calling products. They are an innovative leader in the industry who introduced the revolutionary Tel3Advantage Flex plan nearly 5 years ago. Now they have targeted the fast growing Smart phone market with an innovative new product that allows users to make low cost, direct dial international calls from their phones without changing service providers. Tel3 Mobile users get free access to Tel3 SmartPlug, a small piece of software that is loaded onto a Smart Phone that will automatically direct international calls over the low cost Tel3 network. With SmartPlug, users can make direct dial international calls from their address book and not even know they are using Tel3 and saving 80% on their calls when compared to the rates charge by AT&T, Verizon or T-Mobile. If fact, users will pay rates similar to Skype but have the convenience of using a cell phone and extremely high call quality. Tel3 uses special carriers for this service so users will not experience a loss in call quality. They guarantee call quality.

Sign up now for Tel3 Mobile service and get $10 in Free Calls or take a free trial.

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