Friday, November 14, 2008

Tel3 Affiliate Program - A Ready-Made Home Business Opportunity

Tel3 offers the following prepaid calling products that are sold exclusively by Tel3 affiliates. These are easy to sell and offer a potential for significant current income and a continuous stream of residual (long-term) income.

Tel3 Advantage Flex Plan – a high quality prepaid long distance plan that can be used to make low cost long distance calls from any phone in the USA or Canada.

Tel3 Mobile – An international calling plan for cell phone users. Users get free access to Tel3’s SmartPlug technology that allows Smart Phone users to make “direct dial” international calls. They can complete international calls without dialing an access number or PIN code and use the new Tel3 Mobile international plan with any cell phone service provider.

Tel3 Business Plan – A new calling plan that has been designed to meet the needs of businesses. It includes great rates, high quality and special on-line reporting and account management tools that business needs for managing expenses.

Tel3 provides a Free, Customized website that can be used as an on-line sales platform. They also provide access to professionally designed banners and videos for on-line advertising campaigns along with a variety of off-line marketing materials.

Earn a Continuous Stream of Income from Tel3

Earn a bounty on each new account opened (up to $50 per account) and continue to earn commissions when customers recharge their accounts. Commissions on usage (recharges) go up to 16%. Unlike many phone card programs, Tel3 pays their agents each week so if you work hard this week you can get a good paycheck next week.

Tel3 also features numerous special offers for consumers and marketing incentives for agents during the year. These all translate to higher commissions and earnings for agents. The affiliates are the marketing arm of Tel3 so they are treated as true partners in the business.

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