Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Web Call: Cheap International Callback Phone Service

International calls are significantly more expense in many international locations than they are in the USA, Canada or many European locations. Some companies have capitalized on this by offer a long distance phone service often referred to as “international call back”. Using international callback phone service, a caller can make a low cost international call from a “high cost” location by routing the call through a “low cost” country. All the caller needs to do is open an international callback account and deposit some funds since callback phone service is typically prepaid. International callback is simple to use and can save international callers in high cost countries a significant amount of money on international phone calls.

International callback saves callers money by initiating calls from countries where international calling is relatively cheap, like the USA. International callback calls can be triggered using different means depending on the product but the results are basically the same, the caller receives an international phone call from a low cost third country. After answering the call the caller can either place a low cost call through the callback service provider’s network by dialing a phone number or, using some products, can be automatically connected to the destination phone number. In either case, they save money since the call is initiated and routed through a low cost third country.

Web Call is an international callback product that is included with the Continental Phone Card. The Continental Card can be used to make cheap international calls from over 60 countries by calling an access number and placing a call like any other phone card. However, the Continental Card is not just a typical phone card, it can also be used as an international callback phone card to make low cost international phone calls from any country in the world. Using Web Call, cheap international calls are initiated by sending a pre-formatted e-mail. The Continental Card is a very versatile phone card that can also be used to make low cost conference calls, set up a personal toll free phone number or for just about any telecom related product imaginable. The Continental Phone Card is a handy product that just about any international traveler would find useful. Since all of its features are listed and accessible in a virtual account, it can be accessed via the INTERNET from any location in the world so a physical card does not need to be carried.

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