Thursday, October 16, 2008

Tel3Advantage Mobile – Make Cheap International Calls from Cell Phones

If you want to make international calls from your cell phone and want both high call quality and low cost than you should investigate the new Tel3Advantage Mobile Plan. It can save users about 80% when compared to typical international cell phone rates. It will also work seamlessly with SMART Phones so users can make direct dial international calls over the low cost Tel3 network without dialing an access number or entering an account number or PIN. Tel3Advantage Mobile is an add-on that will work with any cell phone service provider so a user does not need to change service providers, all they do is add a small piece of software called SmartPlug provided free of charge by Tel3Advantage and their phone will automatically divert calls over the Tel3 network when an international number is dialed. The Tel3 SmartPlug technology converts a SmartPhone into a truly Smart Phone that can save users at least 80% on international calls with no loss in call quality or convenience.

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The Tel3Advantage Mobile Plan also comes with all of the benefits and features of the Tel3Advantage Flex plan that has been offered by Tel3 in North America for over 4 years. These are summarized below:

Free SmartPlug Software – A piece of software that is installed on a cell phone so a user can make direct dial international calls over the low cost Tel3 network without dialing an access number. Smart Phone users can place calls directly from their address book or memory.

Premier Value – Tel3Advantage features low cost with the highest level of call quality.

Auto Credits – Consistent with the TEL3 commitment to providing the highest level of quality to its mobile customers! When circumstances beyond Tel3’s control results in an occasional disruption in service, the Tel3 intelligent Platform (or iPlatform) will automatically detect the call and the destination being called and it will open a trouble ticket with the underlying service provider to make sure Tel3 escalates and resolves the issue in the shortest time possible. But that is not all Tel3 will do! To show their commitment to quality and customer service, Tel3 will also issue 3 minutes worth of free talk time credit automatically while sending an email or SMS (depending on your communication settings) notifying the customer within an hour of the issue. This process is completely automatic and no action or input from the customer is required.

Free Minutes – New customers receive free bonus minutes when they open a new Tel3Advantage prepaid account.

PIN Free Dialing – Customers can place calls from any phone through the Tel3 network by simply dialing a toll free or local access number. There is no need to enter a PIN or Account number.

Speed Dial – Tel3Advantage studies have shown that the majority of calls made by users are made to a relatively small number of destinations. Therefore, to make calling more convenient, Tel3Adcvantage allows users to set-up 99 speed dial numbers. By using Speed Dial, a user can place a call by dialing 2 digits rather than the 10+ digits required to place an international phone call.

Customer Service – Tel3Advantage customer service is available 24 hour per day, 7 days per week.

Smart Card Recharge – A customer can choose to have their account automatically recharged with funds whenever the account reaches a balance of $3.

No Hidden Fees or Taxes – Tel3Advantage does not advertise misleading rates. The rates per minute advertised by Tel3Advantage are the rates charged with no added fees or taxes. Tel3Advantage does not charge a monthly fee or any kind of maintenance fee on an account.

On-Line Account Management – Customer can manage their accounts on-line in real time. They also have access to a call history through their on-line account manager that will show the details of each call made on their account.

Deposits – Customers can add funds to their account with a major credit card or Pay Pal.

No Cancellation or Maintenance Fee – An account can be cancelled at anytime by calling customer service and there is no cancellation fee. Any money deposited in a Tel3Advantage account will expire after 1 year of inactivity so a customer can use an account at their convenience without worrying about their money vanishing or being used to pay monthly fees.

Visit the International Calling Guide for more information on Tel3Advantage or other options for making low cost international phone calls.

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