Wednesday, September 3, 2008

Virtual Phone Cards offer Features as well as Value

People who make frequent international calls know that virtual phone cards can be used to make cheap domestic and international long distance phone calls but many do not know that they also offer a full range of features which make them an attractive option for long term savings. Callers who purchase ‘hard’ phone cards at supermarkets or convenience stores may be paying a higher cost than necessary for making calls and may also be missing many features that are commonly provided with virtual phone cards.

Many of the typical virtual phone card features are listed below.

  • PIN Free dialing: This is a very common feature that allows a caller to register phone numbers so it is not necessary to enter a PIN code when making calls from these registered phones. These cards can still be used to make calls from any public phone by entering the PIN code when making a call.
  • Permanent PIN: Many virtual phone cards feature a permanent PIN so the code does not change each time the phone card is purchased or re-charged. These permanent PIN phone cards are typically stored in an on-line account that can be accessed by a user via the INTERNET from any location.
  • Automatic Recharge: Many permanent PIN phone cards also allow an optional automatic recharge function. Many users find this is an attractive feature since it assures that they will not run out of funds during a call.
  • Call History: Several virtual phone cards feature an on-line call history. Many long term users rely on this feature to track the details, including cost, of each phone call made with the phone card.
  • Speed Dial: Many virtual phone cards come with a Speed Dial feature. This allows the user to add phone numbers to their personal account so they can call these numbers by pressing 2 or 3 numbers on their phone. This saves a lot of time when making calls to long, multi digit international phone numbers.
  • Transfer of Funds: Many on-line merchants, including Smart Global Call Phone Cards International, allow users to transfer funds between phone cards. This is a handy feature for users who call multiple locations and have a long term need for low cost long distance phone service.
  • Phone Card Search Tool: Most on-line merchants, including Smart Global Call Phone Cards, have a handy search tool built into their website that allows a customer to search for the best phone card for their needs. These search tools will list phone cards with the lowest rates for making calls to particular locations and summarize features and any taxes or fees.

Tel3Advantage is a very popular virtual phone card that offers the features listed above as well as some other not so common features like their Smart Plug technology that allows customers to make direct dial international calls from Smart Phones. Other Cheap International Calling options are available but virtual phone cards are one of the most popular.

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